Season 2

Episode Guide

Gym Nasty

S2 E1
Sep 15, 2016
Rob Gronkowski climbs aboard the pain train to "Crash Mania," Brandon gets spooky with "Sporting Goods Gone Bad" and Stevie offers us exclusive membership into the "Crashletes Country Club!"

Gronk Did It!

S2 E2
Sep 22, 2016
Rob Gronkowski shows his wild side when he counts down his "Top 5 Ostriches," Brandon chucks up some "Gimmes" and Stevie spotlights pooches caught "Doggin' It!"

Need For Speed

S2 E3
Sep 29, 2016
Rob Gronkowski counts down silly seniors with his "Top 5 Gran Slams," Stevie focuses on some high-flying fails in "Bird Watching" while Brandon puts the hammer down with a "Need for Speed!"

Thrills and Spills

S2 E4
Oct 16, 2016
Rob Gronkowski goes for gold in the "De-Cat-Thalon," Stevie challenges the audience with a game of "Guess the Crashlete" and Brandon shows off his moves with the Crashletes "Juke Box!"

Hype Machines

S2 E5
Oct 23, 2016
Rob Gronkowski pumps up the crowd with his "Hype Machine," Stevie throws a flag for "Unnecessary Cuteness" and Brandon serves up a heaping spoonful of "Crash-Wheats!"

That's Gotta Hurdle

S2 E6
Nov 06, 2016
Rob Gronkowski leads us on a tour of the "Wild World of Sports," Brandon discovers new talent in "Future Crashletes" and Stevie spies some romance with the Crashletes "Kiss Cam!"

You Make The Call

S2 E7
Nov 13, 2016
Rob Gronkowski introduces us to some "New Sports," Brandon bundles up for the joys of "Winter Blunderland" while Stevie launches the hottest new meme, the "Crying Gronk!"

Animal Interference

S2 E8
Jan 07, 2017
Rob Gronkowski reveals the roster for "Junior Junior Varsity," Stevie gives up and decides to "Throw in the Towel" and Brandon spins the latest hits from his new record, "Chin Music!"

Tackling Dummies with Von Miller

S2 E9
Jan 14, 2017
Super Bowl MVP Von Miller guest stars to talk cuddly creatures in "Stevie's Cute Corner," Rob Gronkowski checks in with his "Top 5 Tackling Dummies" and Brandon shows us why Crashletes should always "Take it Outside!"


S2 E10
Jan 21, 2017
Rob Gronkowski shows off his favorite Crashlete "Spin Moves," Stevie hands out the grades in "Academically Ineligible" and Brandon dishes up the eating competition, "Snack Down!"

Protein Shakes

S2 E11
Jan 28, 2017
NBA sensation Devin Booker joins the crew to play "Crashletes Pop Quiz," Rob Gronkowski asks the age-old question, "Seriously Bro?" and Stevie and Brandon drop a beat with "Pain Dancers!"

Ramp-age with Tony Hawk

S2 E12
Feb 18, 2017
Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk offers Crashletes some pointers with "Ramp-Age," Rob Gronkowski counts down his "Top 5 Wannabes" while Stevie and Brandon get introduced to the "Walk of Shame!"

Posterized with Andre Drummond

S2 E13
Feb 25, 2017
NBA superstar Andre Drummond guest stars and shows Stevie and Brandon how to "Take One For the Team" while Rob Gronkowski delivers his "Top 5 Weak Links!"

Sibling Rivalries

S2 E14
Mar 04, 2017
Rob Gronkowski discovers his inner child with "Lil Gronks," Stevie shows us how to "Put the 'C' in Crashletes" while Brandon highlights some serious "Choke Jobs!"

Ally Oops with Nick Young

S2 E15
Mar 18, 2017
NBA star Nick Young guest stars and shows off his moves with the Crashletes "Dance Squad," Rob Gronkowski shares his "Top 5 Showboaters" while Stevie and Brandon square off in "Is This a Sport?"

Mini Monsters

S2 E16
Mar 25, 2017
Rob Gronkowski counts down his "Top 5 Spirit Animals," Stevie teaches us the hottest new "Crash Phrases" and Brandon takes the fall with "My Bad!"

Born to Crash

S2 E17
Apr 01, 2017
Rob Gronkowski calls for help when he counts down his "Top 5 Pinch Laughers," Brandon goes "Beast Mode" and Stevie gets the tissue ready for Crashletes who are "Bawlin' Out of Control!"

Worst Records

S2 E18
Apr 08, 2017
Rob Gronkowski dives into a ball pit showing off "High Motors" while Stevie mourns forgotten footwear with "Lost Soles" and Brandon points out some "Questionable Game Plans."

Just Kickin' It

S2 E19
Apr 15, 2017
Rob Gronkowski counts down his "Top 5 Soccer Moms," Brandon battles a case of the "Yips" and Stevie showcases the latest Crashletes "Bobbleheads!"


S2 E20
Apr 22, 2017
Rob Gronkowski shows us his favorite "Loose Cannons," Stevie challenges viewers to guess the fail in "Versus" and Brandon highlights some "Pee Wee Prodigies!"