Season 1

Episode Guide

False Starts

S1 E1
Jul 04, 2016
Rob Gronkowski puts you in the middle of the action with 'Eye Of The Crashlete,' Stevie flags some 'Unnecessary Refness' and Brandon shares his passion for 'Dad-Thletes.'

Spring Breakers

S1 E2
Jul 05, 2016
Rob Gronkowski celebrates his 'Top 5 Spring Breakers,' Stevie takes a hike in the 'Not So Great Outdoors' and Brandon remains 'Undrafted.'

Heads Up!

S1 E3
Jul 06, 2016
Rob Gronkowski gives 110% for his 'Crashletes Coachers,' Stevie goes shopping for some 'Discount Ninjas' and Brandon goes for it on '4th And Inches.'

Truck Stick

S1 E4
Jul 07, 2016
Rob Gronkowski takes a spin in the 'Truck Stick,' Brandon makes some 'Rookie Mistakes,' Stevie helps put the fence in 'D-Fence' and NFL's Bryan Braman snaps into the 'Top 5 Board Breakers.'


S1 E5
Jul 10, 2016
Rob Gronkowski goes crazy for 'Fan-Duh-Monium,' Brandon gets 'Tree-Jected' and Stevie adds 'Insult to Injury.'

Agony of Defeat

S1 E6
Jul 11, 2016
Rob Gronkowski goes all in on some 'Heavy Favorites,' Stevie takes a safari through the 'Wild World of Sports' and Brandon plays his favorite hits from the 'Juke Box.'

Crashlete's Foot

S1 E7
Jul 12, 2016
Rob Gronkowski's dancing turns into an 'Excessive Celebration,' Brandon has a bad case of 'Crashlete's Foot' and Stevie's hungry for some 'Competitive Eating.'

Partial Arts

S1 E8
Jul 13, 2016
Rob Gronkowski shares his Crashlete fantasy knowledge in 'Start Em, Sit Em', Brandon cracks open the 'Tackle Box' and Stevie opens up some clips that are perfectly 'Gif Wrapped'.

You Got Served!

S1 E9
Jul 14, 2016
Rob Gronkowski goes off the deep end with his 'Top 5 Splashletes,' Brandon takes out the trash in 'Garbage Time' and Stevie calls for it in 'I Got It I Got It!'

Rookie Mistakes

S1 E10
Jul 17, 2016
Rob Gronkowski counts down his Top 5 'Cat-Thletes,' Brandon hurdles into 'Track and Fail' and Stevie pours a big bowl of 'Crash-Wheats.'

Premature Celebrations

S1 E11
Jul 18, 2016
Rob Gronkowski reminds you you're on the 'Same Team Bro!' Stevie deals with some 'Premature Celebrations' and Brandon hosts America's favorite game show 'You Make The Call!'

Slammed Dunks

S1 E12
Jul 19, 2016
Rob Gronkowski breaks down his 'Top 5 Everyday Linebackers,' Stevie rides along with some 'Moto Moms' and Brandon takes it to the hole for some 'Slammed Dunks.'

Formula None

S1 E13
Jul 20, 2016
Rob Gronkowski highlights some 'Great Snags,' Stevie gets a 'Gut Check,' Brandon asks 'Can I Park Here?' and Nascar's own Karsyn Elledge tears up the track in 'Formula None.'

The Gronk Down

S1 E14
Jul 21, 2016
In a special edition of Crashletes, the show is taken over by the Gronkowski family. Brandon breaks down their 'Sibling Rivalry' and Stevie introduces the world to 'Buff Buffering.'

Lil Goons

S1 E15
Jul 24, 2016
Rob Gronkowski counts down his 'Top 6 Sick Picks,' Brandon gets a bad case of 'Fumble-itis' and Stevie fires up 'The Crashletes Kiss-Cam.'


S1 E16
Jul 25, 2016
Rob Gronkowski slams it home with his 'Top 5 Duncles,' Stevie celebrates with some 'Victory Dances' and Brandon defies the odds in 'Upset Special.'

Friday Night Cat Fights

S1 E17
Jul 26, 2016
Rob Gronkowski shares his Crashlete fantasy insight in 'Star Em, Sit Em,' Stevie touches paws in 'Friday Night Cat Fights' and Super Bowl Champion Stevan Ridley salutes the 'Top 5 Veteran Chrashletes.'

Snow Pain No Gain

S1 E18
Jul 27, 2016
Rob Gronkowski gets crafty with his 'Top 5 Trick Shots,' Brandon reminds you he's 'Still Got It,' Stevie toughs it out in 'No Crying' and gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington reminds us 'Snow Pain, Snow Gain.'

Eaton It

S1 E19
Sep 08, 2016
Rob Gronkowski counts down his 'Top 5 Sore Losers,' Jagger Eaton stops by to show us some Crashletes who are 'Eaton It,' Brandon hosts the game show 'You Make The Call' and Stevie shows off some 'Signature Moves.'

Seriously Bro?

S1 E20
Sep 09, 2016
Rob Gronkowski poses the question 'Seriously Bro?' Stevie runs wild with some 'Animal Crashletes' and Brandon shows the shame of being 'Left Hanging.'