Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Call of the Void

S1 E1
Jan 07, 2021
Forced into mandatory retirement, Ben goes to a small coastal town in Mexico to finish construction on his ex-partner's fishing cabin and in the process, crosses paths with a young woman who needs his help.

Silver or Lead

S1 E2
Jan 07, 2021
Pursued by trackers, Ben and Maria Elena embark on a dangerous journey through the desert in order to reach the U.S.

Sin Of Origin

S1 E3
Jan 07, 2021
With limited options and his family's lives at risk, Ben attempts a desperate exit strategy -- one with potentially dire consequences.

Juan Doe

S1 E4
Jan 07, 2021
Ben must use his former Border Patrol connections when he's forced to execute an audacious heist for the cartel so that his ex-wife and daughter won't become victims of his own mistakes.

King Tide

S1 E5
Jan 07, 2021
While Ben deals with the repercussions of his previous job for the cartel, he must entertain unexpected visitors from both sides of the border.

Plaza De Nada

S1 E6
Jan 07, 2021
Ben must navigate danger within the Zamora cartel while searching for the truth about his former partner as a U.S. government investigation closes in.