Season 3

Episode Guide

Jaboukie Young-White

S3 E1
Oct 17, 2019
Jaboukie Young-White gives a "Feminism for Men" seminar, sings the praises of buffalo cauliflower and reminisces about watching bootleg DVDs.

Vanessa Gonzalez

S3 E2
Oct 17, 2019
Vanessa Gonzalez admits she loves when her preschool students call her mom and breaks down why she thinks her brother has a different father.

Dulcé Sloan

S3 E3
Oct 24, 2019
Dulcé Sloan shares her reasons for hating New York City and explains why her neighbors in Los Angeles thought she was a spy.

Will Miles

S3 E4
Oct 24, 2019
Will Miles describes the roles he usually lands for commercials and details a strange loophole to buying legal weed in Washington, D.C.

Tom Thakkar

S3 E5
Oct 31, 2019
Tom Thakkar remembers attempting to contact his dad on a Ouija board and admits that guns would be fun to use as props in Instagram photos.

Mia Jackson

S3 E6
Oct 31, 2019
Mia Jackson recounts the moment she learned food addiction is real and explains how her allergies affect her ability to flirt.

Joe Kwaczala

S3 E7
Nov 07, 2019
Joe Kwaczala tries in vain to understand the way priests sing and discusses the differences between a bad boy and a bad guy.

Nore Davis

S3 E8
Nov 07, 2019
Nore Davis shares his hopes for the plot of "Black Panther 2" and remembers the strange phenomenon of seeing your teacher outside of school.

David Gborie

S3 E9
Nov 14, 2019
David Gborie explains why he's bad at dirty talk, describes the game he plays when he's unemployed and compares doing cocaine to peeing your pants.

Allen Strickland Williams

S3 E10
Nov 14, 2019
Allen Strickland Williams argues that nighttime is better than daytime and questions the logic behind a PETA billboard.

Charles Gould

S3 E11
Nov 21, 2019
Charles Gould obsesses over his ex's new boyfriend and claims that we treat dogs a little too well.

Sara Schaefer

S3 E12
Nov 21, 2019
Sara Schaefer pins the decline of civilization on a particular home decor trend and confesses she has a terrible scream.