Season 5

Episode Guide

A New Mom

S5 E1
Nov 13, 1993
Clarissa has a history assignment: take something old, tired, and worn out and reinvent it. Clarissa tries to remodel her mother.

Editor in Chief

S5 E2
Nov 20, 1993
Clarissa becomes the editor in chief for her school newspaper. Sam also decides to work for the paper by writing alternative music reviews. Clarissa explains she has to be objective and can't play favorites.

Piper Comes To Visit

S5 E3
Dec 4, 1993
Janet's old college roommate Kokie and her daughter Piper come to visit. Clarissa tries to entertain Piper but Piper remains aloof.

Alter Ego

S5 E4
Dec 18, 1993
Clarissa and Sam go to a party dressed as cool, hip, outrageous characters. Clarissa creates a whole new persona named "Jade", meets a really cute guy, Paulie, and gets deeply involved in her charade.

Sam's Dad

S5 E5
Jan 8, 1994
Clarissa and Sam sign up for the school "intern" program and experience the loony "real world" while working for each other's father.

The Firm

S5 E6
Jan 15, 1994
Clarissa needs some help filling out some scholarchip forms for college. But she's reluctant to ask Marshall for help because everytime she does, her Dad goes overboard and takes over the situation entirely.

Janet & Clarissa, Inc.

S5 E7
Feb 5, 1994
Clarissa has a class assignment to invent and market an environmentally safe product. Janet is in the kitchen making health treats which are delicious and they bounce when dropped on the floor.

Dear Clarissa

S5 E8
Mar 12, 1994
Since Clarissa has so many opinions these days, she thinks it would be really cool to be a professional opinion-giver. Her advice column has been in the school paper for a few days and the response has been great but the letters have been pretty silly.

Ferguson Explains it All

S5 E9
Apr 23, 1994
Ferguson has ordered a pair of mind control glasses. A mere glance will have people in his power. He searches everywhere for Clarissa--she's the first family member he's going to put under his mind control spell.


S5 E10
Jul 16, 1994
Clarissa discovers that real science can be really weird. After interviewing a woman who supposedly spotted a U.F.O., Clarissa decides to get to the bottom of the U.F.O. phenomena herself.

Clarissa Gets Arrested

S5 E11
Jul 23, 1994
Clarissa discovers that Woolcott Industries is still doing animal testing at the local plant. She is determined to write an editorial blasting them and, in addition, she and Sam stage a peaceful protest outside the plant.

The Last Episode

S5 E12
Oct 1, 1994
Clarissa ponders how weird the time space continuum is. Clarissa's last assignment for the Dispatch will be an article dedicated to the future...where will everyone be in 20 years?