Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Duckling Deliverance

S1 E1
Jul 10, 2016
A duck lays eggs on a rooftop patio, and a fox cub struggles with a mystery illness. Meanwhile, how do you get close enough to a snapping turtle to treat it? Join the Toronto Wildlife Center team as they balance the needs of injured and orphaned animals in preparation for an eventual return to the wild.

Skunky Business

S1 E3
Jul 19, 2016
When your day is made up of playing with orphan raccoons, feeding baby foxes, and caring for sometimes smelly critters, it's easy to forget that soon, if all goes well, you'll have to let them back into the wild. Spend a busy day with the animals and dedicated staff of Toronto Wildlife Center.

Release of the Mink

S1 E4
Aug 21, 2016
A young coyote suffers from mange, a snake shows up with what appears to be a dislocated jaw, and an abandoned baby mink requires special care. Welcome to the Toronto Wildlife Center, where there's no predicting the next animal care challenge that will show up on their welcoming doorstep.

Prickly Porcupine

S1 E5
Oct 02, 2016
At the Toronto Wildlife Center, expecting the unexpected is essential. Cases range from an injured porcupine with a deep wound to an urban raccoon with her head stuck in a peanut butter jar. Join the team as they rely on experience and quick thinking to provide the best possible care for their charges.

Migration Preparation

S1 E6
Oct 25, 2016
Each year, thousands of birds crash into clear glass around the city. In fact, the record for most birds brought into the Toronto Wildlife Center in one day is 180! Join the team as they assess the needs of these ailing aviators and then work fast to patch them up so they don't get left behind by the flocks.

Coyote Chase

S1 E10
Nov 13, 2016
A sick coyote in an Ontario suburb is causing residents a lot of anxiety. Meanwhile, a group of baby cedar waxwings urgently need special care around the clock--a job that's straining the resources of the volunteer team. Can the Toronto Wildlife Center step up to the challenge?

Recovering Red-tailed Hawks

S1 E11
Apr 27, 2017
Two young red-tailed hawks are brought into the Toronto Wildlife Center with the same problems: an inability to fly and a nasty parasitic infection. Later, a rare white squirrel is diagnosed with what appears to be a spinal injury. Can the rescue team help put these reluctant patients back on the road to health?