Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 21, 1995
In this series premiere, Caroline breaks up with her boyfriend, and is infuriated when she finds out that her ex plans to bring the date to "their" restaurant.

Caroline And The Mugger

S1 E2
Sep 28, 1995
Caroline and Del are upset when Richard bursts into the apartment with news that he has been mugged, losing not just his wallet his portfolio containing Caroline's drawings as well.

Caroline And The Gay Art Show

S1 E3
Oct 05, 1995
Caroline and Annie scheme to get Richard's paintings displayed in a prestigious gallery.

Caroline And The Bad Back

S1 E4
Oct 12, 1995
When Caroline and Del get carried away competing on the racquetball court, Caroline injures her back and ends up confined to bed.

Caroline And The ATM

S1 E5
Oct 19, 1995
When Caroline gets stiffed at her ATM, but she's too embarrassed to let the bank manager view the tape of her transaction.

Caroline And The Convict

S1 E9
Dec 07, 1995
When Caroline and Del agree to go to dinner with Annie and Warren, her new boyfriend, they find that Annie left out one minor detail about his background.

Caroline And The Gift

S1 E11
Jan 04, 1996
When Caroline finds out the Christmas gift Del gave her might have been extremely expensive, she ponders the message he may be trying to send her about their relationship.

Caroline And The Married Man

S1 E12
Jan 11, 1996
Richard sets Caroline up on a date with an art council member who happens to hold the key to Richard's future as a successful artist.

Caroline And The Watch

S1 E14
Feb 01, 1996
When Caroline and Richard bicker over their shared work space, Caroline finds the perfect solution when she purchases an antique partner's desk from the desk's original owners.

Caroline And The Bad Date

S1 E15
Feb 15, 1996
Annie re-introduces Caroline to the wonderful world of dating, by taking her on a man-hunt.

Caroline And The Proposal

S1 E16
Feb 22, 1996
When Del surprises Caroline with a marriage proposal, Richard feels he no longer fits into Caroline's life and decides it's time to look for another job.

Caroline And The Ex-Wife

S1 E18
Mar 28, 1996
When Del takes Caroline on a spontaneous weekend trip, they unexpectedly run into Del's bitter ex-wife Jill.

Caroline And The Movie

S1 E19
Apr 04, 1996
When Caroline and Annie discover that a John Landis movie is shooting in their neighborhood, they jump at the chance to become extras.

Caroline And Richard's Mom

S1 E21
Apr 25, 1996
Caroline helps Richard confront unresolved issues with his jet-setting mother, Natalie.

Caroline And The Bridesmaid

S1 E22
May 09, 1996
When Caroline entrusts Annie with various maid-of-honor duties, she learns that Annie's strong suits aren't dependability and punctuality.

Caroline And The Wedding

S1 E23
May 16, 1996
As Caroline and Del's wedding day nears, Caroline is confused by nervous pangs and Del experiences panic attacks.

Caroline And The Condom

S1 E24
Aug 05, 1996
Caroline decides that if she and Del resume dating they should abstain from lovemaking for a fortnight and instead focus on what's at the core of their relationship.