Season 6

Episode Guide

Werewolves of Bubbledon!

S6 E1
Oct 19, 2021
On Halloween eve in the foggy town of Bubbledon, everyone is nervous because there's a werewolf on the loose! Monster Detectives Molly, Gil, and Dr. Pupson are on the case, but will they find the critter before Halloween is cancelled?

A Giant Harvest Day!

S6 E2
Nov 11, 2021
Holiday Cooks Molly and Gil, on a mission to save the town's Harvest Day (Thanksgiving) feast, must retrieve a Golden Tomato from magical Tall Tale Farms. But first, their food knowledge is tested by three guardians!

Christmas Is Coming!

S6 E3
Dec 7, 2021
On a quest to attend King Grouper's Christmas party and deliver a promised tree, Lady Oona and Lord Goby must face the ravages of winter and a mysterious Freezy Dragon, who seems intent on keeping them from the festivities.

The Holiday Pirates!

S6 E4
Dec 31, 2022
In Holiday Land, there's a town for every holiday...that is, until Pirate Myra uses Wizard Grouper's magic wand to turn every town into Pirate Town! Will Molly and Gil be able to restore Holiday Land back to normal?

Winter Sports Chompetition

S6 E5
Feb 9, 2022
Gil and Bubble Puppy are competing in the Winter Sports Chompetition--a competition for athletes and their dogs! Will they be able to stop reigning champs Coldsnap and his dog Mr. Husky from cheating to win the gold?

The SS Friendship!

S6 E6
Feb 14, 2022
Captain Deemo (Deema) and First Mate Gil pilot their steampunk sub to different ocean habitats so they can deliver Friendship Day Bubblegrams to all their friends. But along the way, they find themselves being chased by a Kraken!

Robo Puppy!

S6 E7
Apr 29, 2022
When a bossy cyborg named the Glitch hacks all the robots in Robotopolis and forces them to dance "The Robot," it's up to Robot Mechanic Molly and Robo Puppy to stop him before it's too late!

Mountain Ninja Rescue

S6 E8
Jul 15, 2022
Ninjas Zooli and Oona are excited for their first mission: escorting snow monkey Moshi up Mt. Danger to join his troop! But it won't be easy: a storm looms, and mischievous Moshi is causing trouble! Will they complete their mission in time?

The Jaw-some Sharkventure!

S6 E9
Jul 29, 2022
Zooli and her crew of Marine Biologists escort Baby Shark and his pilot fish William to visit Baby Shark's great-great-great-great-great Uncle Slow Mo, and help them escape the fisherman who's chasing them! Guest Star: Richard Dreyfuss as Captain Acrab

The Kingdom of Sleepwell!

S6 E10
Oct 10, 2022
All is not well in the normally well-rested Kingdom of Sleepwell: Princess Deema can't fall asleep! Her Royal Court comes to her aid, but when even magic doesn't work, she learns that all she needed to do was follow her bedtime routine!

A Big Splash!

S6 E11
Oct 11, 2022
On the Shimmy-Shimmy Islands, everyone's preparing for Queen Zooli's Dance Party! But each time they practice their songs for the party, they're splashed by a huge wave! Will they find who's causing the waves? Guest Star: Ariana DeBose as Lulu

Bubble Medics to the Rescue!

S6 E12
Oct 12, 2022
In Ancient Greece, Paramedics Zooli and Gil get a call for help from Nonny, so they fly toward him in their chariot ambulance! On the way, they're pursued by a Cyclops! Will they help Nonny before the Cyclops catches up? Guest Star: James Monroe Iglehart

Search for the Great Gorilla!

S6 E13
Oct 13, 2022
When Primatologists Zooli and Gil searching the rainforest for a Silverback Gorilla, they're chased into an ancient temple by a robotic silverback...who turns out to be a tiny marmoset guarding a sanctuary of mountain gorillas! Guest Star: Wallace Shawn

Don't Yuck My Yum!

S6 E14
Oct 14, 2022
In the Gourmet Galaxy, everyone loves yummy food! But when General Yuck turns everything icky, only a recipe for delicious Moon Muffins can stop her. Master Chef Goby and his apprentice Deema must bake those muffins and save the galaxy! Guest Star: Retta

Mystery On The Guppy Express!

S6 E15
Oct 31, 2022
When Oona's Bubble Kitty goes missing aboard the Guppy Express, Detective Nonny steps in to help. Knowing the cat must be on board, they race to find her before the train reaches its next stop--and Bubble Kitty may be lost for good!

Puppy Girl and Super Pup!

S6 E16
Nov 1, 2022
When supervillain Felina Meow starts turning all the dogs at the Dog Show into cats, it's up to superheroes Puppy Girl and Super Pup to stop her! Will they foil her cat-astrophic plan before she turns pups into kitties?! Guest Star: Kate Mulgrew

The Fastest Feather in the Race!

S6 E17
Nov 2, 2022
In the Fastest Feather Race, it's Team Flightless versus cocky Amelia the Peregrine Falcon. Though Penguin Nonny, Ostrich Oona, and Kiwi Goby can't fly, these birds of a feather flock together! Will teamwork be enough to win the trophy?

The Solar Light Spectacular!

S6 E18
Nov 3, 2022
When giant robot Buster steals all the batteries that power Solar City, which runs on the sun's energy, it's up to Solar Power Workers Nonny and Goby to stop him and get the lights back on before the big light show is cancelled! Guest Star: Jay Pharoah

The Kingdom of Laughs-A-Lot!

S6 E19
Nov 11, 2022
Jesters Goby and Gil arrive in the Kingdom of NeverLaugh, where King Grumpfish declares that he'll outlaw laughter forever if no one can make him laugh before sundown! Will the Jesters be able to crack him up before it's too late?

The Big Rig Bandit!

S6 E20
Nov 25, 2022
When reckless hyena Spotty steals young elephant Eli from the savanna, Wildlife Rangers Zooli and Goby hop into their big rig to rescue him! But when the big rig chase lands Spotty and Eli in danger, it's up to the Guppies to save the day!

The Ultra Spy Tool!

S6 E21
Mar 24, 2023
When supervillain Dr. Coldfinger takes Curly Q's newest invention, the Ultra Spy Tool, Secret Agents Molly, Goby, and Spy Pup must travel across the world to find and infiltrate his North Pole lair with regular tools to save the day!

Zooli's New Pet!

S6 E22
Jun 9, 2023
Excited that Zooli is getting a new pet, the Guppies try to guess what kind of animal it is! Zooli loves many creatures, so her new pet could be anything in the animal kingdom. Will they guess the right one before it arrives?

Trouble in Harmony Valley!

S6 E23
Jun 16, 2023
Everyone in the Old West town of Harmony Valley loves playing music together. But when noisy Billy Joe Strumlouder rides into town to sabotage their tunes, Sheriff Zooli must save the day‐‐with music!

The Three Guppeteers!

S6 E24
Jun 23, 2023
When a Gargoyle steals all the gifts and decorations for Countess Molly's surprise party, the French villagers call in the Three Guppeteers. But will the swashbuckling girls be able to swipe back all the presents in time for la grande fête?

A Slow Day in Zippy City!

S6 E25
Jun 30, 2023
Everything is fast in Zippy City, from the trolley to the mail. But when Tiny the Slug and the Opposites Crew slow everything down to the opposite of fast with sticky slime, Detectives Zooli and Goby have to stop them before it's too late!

See You Later, Alligator!

S6 E26
Jun 30, 2023
Bayou Chicken Farmers Deema and Goby discover an unusual egg on their farm one morning and set off on a bayou river adventure to find the egg's mama. Can they return the egg before it hatches and before a big bayou gator catches them?