Season 2

Episode Guide

Pyramid Puzzle

S2 E1
Jun 27, 2016
Lofty is excited that he will be using his new claw attachment to help Bob construct the museum's new pyramid exhibition building. Eager to do as much of the building work himself as he can, Lofty gets to work and places a stone in every gap he can find, inadvertently blocking the only entrance and trapping Bob, Wendy and Anish inside!

Phillip's Sleepover

S2 E2
Jun 28, 2016
While Bob and his team are building an underground car dock for Phillip at the Town Hall, Philip has to have a sleepover at the yard. He scares an already intimidated Muck, who mistakes him for a ghost! In the commotion, the hydraulic jacks for the build are ruined. Muck helps to slow the traffic down so Bob can get the car dock built before Mayors Madison and Snipe arrive.

Haunted Town Hall

S2 E3
Jun 29, 2016
When the new Town Hall alarm keeps going off, Dizzy and Lofty are respectively excited and horrified by Mr Bentley's suggestion that it could be a ghost. Bob and Wendy eventually find the real culprits - bats that Bob accidentally trapped inside the chimney when re-pointing it.

Flotsam and Jetsam

S2 E4
Jun 30, 2016
While clearing Fixham beach of rubbish, Lofty collects all the interesting looking driftwood because - to Scoop's bafflement - he thinks it's beautiful. When Muck hauls away the debris to the dump, Lofty spies a prize piece of wood and grabs it, but causes the rubbish to fall back into the water! Bob uses some of the driftwood to create booms to gather the flotsam and jetsam and later they use them to decorate the path to the beach.

Drive Thru Disaster

S2 E5
Jul 01, 2016
For his college course, Leo films the team building a drive-thru at the Milkshake Bar. Scoop's desperation to be the star of Leo's film causes disruption and eventually a crash on the drive-thru lane! The drive-thru and film are ruined. Scoop stays off camera as Leo films the team fixing the drive-thru, showing everything that can happen on a build.

Where's Pilchard

S2 E6
Jul 05, 2016
When Muck has to shoo Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and the machines run around looking for the cat, desperate to find her before Bob realizes she's disappeared. But when Muck has to own up, they discover that the cat has been sound asleep in his dumper all along.

Bob's Band

S2 E7
Jul 05, 2016
Roley is excited that Bob will be playing his saxophone with the town band once the bandstand in the park has been renovated. Meanwhile, Leo has his work cut out tidying up the warehouse at Bob's yard but is distracted when he discovers he can make music using the bits and pieces of left over piping and old oil drums. When Roley accidentally rolls over and flattens the band's instruments, he is so upset that he rolls away to hide. Bob comes to the rescue by suggesting they follow Leo's lead and use bits and pieces from the yard to make new instruments. Bob's 'Junk Band' is a great success and even Mayor Madison approves.

Wild Wild Wedding

S2 E8
Jul 06, 2016
Tilly and Henry have asked Bob and the team to convert Fixham Castle into a spectacular wedding venue. When Scoop learns there will be a "Best Man", he volunteers to be "Best Machine". But the job goes to his head as he tries to be the very best at everything, resulting in a disastrous wedding rehearsal!

Jumping Muck

S2 E9
Jul 07, 2016
Bob is building the jumps for Henry Corner's equestrian cross-country competition. Muck thinks the idea of jumping over things sounds fun. Determined to jump, Muck sneaks away to build his own, but when he tests it out, he becomes stuck. Bob comes to the rescue, and they use Muck's jump to finish the cross-country course.

Muck Mucks About

S2 E10
Jul 08, 2016
Bob & co. are at the Zoo replacing Bella the elephant's enclosure. Muck hides inside the elephant house to surprise Scoop but instead of jumping out on Scoop he jumps out on Bella, which alarms her. Muck role-plays as an elephant, managing to calm the shocked animal down.

Phillips Important Job

S2 E11
Jul 11, 2016
Phillip annoys Betsy and Alfred by insinuating that his work driving Mayor Madison is more important than theirs. But when he runs out of petrol en route to Anish Bose's book launch at Fixham Castle, Phillip has to accept their help and eat humble pie. Phillip's excellent memory helps the Mayor to deliver the speech she'd left behind.

Moving House

S2 E12
Sep 19, 2016
When Mayor Madison wishes to save a very old historic house that is perilously close to a crumbling cliff, Bob and the team lift it onto Two-Tonne's flatbed to take it to a new site near the Sports Park. Mr Bentley accompanies the convoy and being a keen bird watcher, he spots a nest of very rare eggs by the side of the road. To avoid disturbing them, Two-Tonne decides to take a different route through the city, but he misjudges the height of the monorail bridge and the house gets stuck under it. Luckily Bob arrives with a solution - by letting the air out of Two Tonne's tires the vehicle is low enough to squeeze under the bridge and proceed to the new site.

Wendy's Surprise

S2 E13
Sep 20, 2016
It's Wendy's birthday. Bob has planned a surprise party at the yard but Wendy keeps adding lights to the Spring City Rockets' Ice-Skating show and won't leave her work. Trying to get Wendy to leave, Lofty accidentally ruins the light display so hatches a new plan to bring the party to Wendy.

Ice Cold Fixham

S2 E14
Sep 21, 2016
The centerpiece of Mayor Madison's Arctic themed charity event to raise money for polar bears is a wonderful ice sculpture of a polar bear carved by Wendy. Scoop is horrified to discover that it will have melted away by the end of the evening. He takes it away to find a cold place where it won't melt but by the time Bob and Wendy find him, it's too late. A sympathetic Bob comforts Scoop and Wendy makes a brand new sculpture. This time she carves a splendid ice sculpture of Maria herself.

Super Scoop

S2 E15
Sep 22, 2016
Bob is building an outdoor cinema in the park for the new Dash Lightning premiere. Scoop is inspired to become a superhero, dubbing himself "Super Scoop" and charging off in search of rescues. But none of his rescues work and he ends up driving through the cinema screen and in need of rescuing himself! When Dash becomes stranded on the way to the premiere, Super Scoop goes to the rescue and personally escorts the movie star to the big event.

Muck the Elf

S2 E16
Sep 23, 2016
While erecting a Gingerbread House display at the plaza, Muck obsessively takes on the role of a Christmas elf - zipping around helping make the season 'special'. But when he tries building a toy go-kart, decorating a Christmas tree and delivering presents, his obsession leads to the collapse of the display house! Meanwhile, Wendy tries to think up the perfect handmade Christmas card for Bob.

Dizzy and the Butterfly

S2 E17
Sep 26, 2016
Dizzy is super excited to be working on the new Butterfly House and wishes an orange butterfly would land on her. But the butterfly pupae arrive early and Dizzy bumps into things and gets in the way. She goes outside and finds one has hatched in her mixing drum. Dizzy has to be stiller and calmer than ever before to get the butterfly to safety. She's rewarded by scores of orange Monarchs landing on her.

Crane Pain

S2 E18
Sep 26, 2016
The team are at the stadium construction site installing sections of concrete terracing onto the steelwork. Lofty is excited to be working with Tiny and wants to impress him. Lofty doesn't admit to finding the sections difficult to lift and he drops a section in front of the access way, trapping everybody inside the stadium.

A Christmas Fix

S2 E19
Sep 27, 2016
A very excited Mr Bentley gets Bob and the team to set up Fixham's big Christmas party, but he insists on hanging so many lights that they cause a power failure! Unable to use the square, Bob offers to relocate the event to his yard for a smaller, but just as enjoyable, party.

Dino Coaster

S2 E20
Sep 28, 2016
While Bob and the team complete work on a dinosaur-themed rollercoaster at the Dino Park, Lofty and Dizzy believe they've broken a precious dinosaur egg - and that a baby dinosaur is now on the loose! They embark on a hunt, which culminates in Lofty crashing through the coaster while Leo takes a test run.

A Message From Space

S2 E21
Sep 30, 2016
Bob is building a radio telescope for Mei at the Observatory. She wants to test it by contacting her twin sister Lin on an orbiting space station. Lofty is keen to make sure nobody damages it, but ends up breaking it himself! Lofty offers to use his crane arm to position the telescope's dish and contact is made.

Bob's Badges

S2 E22
Oct 04, 2016
When Bob rewards the machines with stars for good work, Muck has the fewest. His efforts to earn more put the new restaurant waiting area in jeopardy.

Apples Everywhere

S2 E23
Oct 05, 2016
Bob and the team are renovating Chef Tattie's apple orchard. Muck believes he's the one knocking down all the apples, but then discovers the real culprit is Flame, Henry Corner's horse. Together the team repair the damage caused by Flame, and Bob rebuilds an apple press. By turning the fallen apples into juice, they are able to avoid wasting all the fallen apples.

Muck the Safety Officer

S2 E24
Oct 06, 2016
Bob & Co. are repairing a sinkhole on a busy road near the Flying Saucepan Restaurant. Muck wants to get a closer look but Bob gives him the role of safety officer on the other side of a safety barrier. When Bob is away, Muck sneaks a closer look and the road gives way under him.

Best Laid Plans

S2 E25
Oct 07, 2016
As a result of Bob's office being so messy he accidentally gives Mr. Bentley the plans for the new giraffe house instead of the plans for his new garden shed. Meanwhile Leo is at the zoo struggling to build a new giraffe house using the plans for Mr. Bentley's shed. Bob finally realises his mistake, a mistake he doesn't plan to make again.

Snow Fall

S2 E26
Dec 24, 2016
After Scoop has cleared snow from the roads up to the Observatory, Tread shows him some tricks on the slippery surface. Scoop wants to do them too and makes Tread watch, only to see his friend trapped by an avalanche. Without snow chains Scoop cannot reach Tread. Stretch, with his nifty tracks, manages to dig Tread out, but Tread still can't move as he too has no snow chains. Then Scoop comes up with an idea...

A Safe Place for Dizzy

S2 E27
Mar 08, 2017
Bob and team are constructing a bank safe in the basement of the partially built skyscraper. Dizzy gets locked inside the safe but she's the only one who knows the door code! To get out, she relays the code to Bob by tapping the numbers out on the safe wall like morse code.

Pilchard and the Bear

S2 E28
Mar 09, 2017
Scoop takes Pilchard to work at the Zoo, deluding himself that he has trained her like Saffi trained her dog. But Pilchard won't follow commands and ends up stranded in the bears' enclosure in danger for her life! Scoop and Bob must hatch a clever plan to save Pilchard before the bears reach her.

In Too Deep

S2 E29
Mar 10, 2017
Bob must replace the jetties at the marina, but the ground is slippery, so Stretch has to do the digging. Scoop wants to dig too, but in trying to keep up with Stretch, he slides about and gets stuck. Scoop discovers that by spreading aggregate he can grip the slippery ground and help finish the job.

The Dash Lightning Experience

S2 E30
Mar 17, 2017
Bob is building a themed ride at the Film Studio based on the films of Dash Lightning. In his eagerness to please, Muck causes Two-Tonne to deliver a container full of soft furnishings instead of Dash's movie props to Bob. This causes a knock on effect, and a series of deliveries going to the wrong locations. Muck has quite a task to track down the right containers and deliver to the correct locations... but will he manage it in time for the opening of The Dash Lightning Experience.

TV or Not TV

S2 E31
Mar 24, 2017
Bob and the team are building a horseshoe shaped gateway at Spring City Racecourse. Carl is filming at the racecourse using a camera-drone and wants to shoot the team at work. Lofty is camera shy and his attempts to evade attention cause the new gateway and the camera-drone to get damaged. With the big race looming, can they get the new gate fixed in time?

Captain Bentley

S2 E32
Apr 07, 2017
When Bob and the team restore an historic ship at the docks, Mr Bentley joins them, taking on the role of the ship's captain and interfering with the build. This leads to the ship taking off down the river with only Mr. Bentley on board. But he is not really a sailor at all and once again it's Bob to the rescue!

Machine Magic

S2 E33
Apr 07, 2017
While building a restaurant at the amphitheater on the day of a big magic show, Scoop is inspired to try his skills as an amateur magician. But when he fails to impress Muck and Lofty with his terrible tricks, he becomes more and more determined to succeed... and ends up breaking Chef Tattie's brand new food conveyor belt in the process!

Bucket Stand

S2 E34
Apr 14, 2017
When Bob and the team build a fitness circuit, Scoop feels inspired to do something he's never done before - a bucket stand! In his efforts to do this he manages to bend some metal bars needed for the build. Scoop has to something he's never done before: he races to the yard to pick up new bars and returns in record time so that the job can be finished on schedule.

Camping Calamity

S2 E35
Apr 14, 2017
Bob and the team are building an Adventure Centre at the campsite. After hearing the Spring City Rockets talk about outdoor skills, Scoop decides he knows enough to go camping. But Scoop and Muck get lost in the woods. Scoop lets out an SOS and Bob comes to the rescue.

Dino Scare

S2 E36
Apr 28, 2017
Bob and the team are building a dinosaur Bone Yard. With no visitors around, the machines think the Dino Park is scary. So when Scoop pretends he isn't scared, Muck and Lofty elect him for a job. Scoop travels through the empty park and scares himself. Scoop finally admits that he's been scared all along.

Bricks & Mortar

S2 E37
Apr 28, 2017
Doing his bricklaying assessment at Wendy's house makes Leo nervous and he messes up until Bob shows him how to work quickly and accurately. Back at the Yard, Shifter helps Muck tidy the wood store so he can get a certificate too - with chaotic consequences!

Scoop's Scoops

S2 E38
May 07, 2017
A thunderstorm has damaged Chef Tattie's Restaurant, blowing out the electricity. Bob's team need to fix it in time for that night's Ice Cream Extravaganza. Rather than waste all the melting ice cream, Scoop and Leo decide to give it away. But when they end up on the other side of town - they have to race back and finish their work in time for the Chef's special night!

Hoist Away

S2 E39
May 28, 2017
Bob is building a boat repair workshop for Curtis, but when Leo gets his wiring wrong the new boat hoist goes haywire. As it threatens to drop Scoop into the water, Leo realises his mistake and works out how to use the remote control to rescue the digger.

Pop Up Shops

S2 E40
Jun 11, 2017
When Bob and the team build pop-up shops out of shipping containers, Scoop decides he wants to use his wild imagination and be an architect. But as Lofty helps him rearrange the containers into new positions, little do they know that Bob and Wendy are trapped inside one of them!

Yard Muddle

S2 E41
Jun 11, 2017
While the team tidies and make repairs to the yard, an over eager Shifter manages to lock Scoop and Muck in the garages, and then strand Bob and Wendy on the roof. The only way they can get down, is if Shifter can build a giant staircase of pallets.

Roley's Speech

S2 E42
Jun 25, 2017
The team is building a hardcourt. Roley promises to explain to Saffi, at the end of the day, how they did it. As the day progresses the expected audience grows. Roley panics at having to address so many people but with Bob's help he eventually finds the confidence to succeed .

Muck the Chauffeur

S2 E43
Jun 25, 2017
Bob and the team are building refreshment kiosks for the Monorail Stations. But when Muck tries to help Mr Bentley by being his chauffeur for the day as well as getting materials for Bob, everything ends up in the wrong place. Muck realizes that he can only do one thing at a time and sorts the mess out.

Scoop Dashes for Glory

S2 E44
Jul 08, 2017
Bob and the team build the Dash Lightning Treetop Walkway at the Sports Park. Scoop is excited that there's plenty of digging for him to do. Scoop's hero Dash is bound to notice and think Scoop is amazing! But Scoop's attempts to impress end with him getting stuck at the bottom of a hill and having to be dug out himself. But when Dash sees the treetop walkway he not only thinks Scoop is amazing, he thinks the whole team is.

Ship Shape

S2 E45
Jul 08, 2017
While Bob and the team fix a mast on Horatio Fixham's historical ship that has snapped in a big storm, Scoop and Muck clean up storm debris around Spring City. They turn the clean up exercise into a competition to collect cool and useful things. But when Scoop collects a broken crows nest from the ship, he throws the whole job in to chaos.

Too Many Cooks

S2 E46
Jul 22, 2017
Bob, Wendy and Leo are each doing different repair jobs at Chef Tattie's various restaurants, getting them ready for the Spring City Food Festival. Tread is transporting supplies between the locations but he bites off more than he can chew by doing a favour for Chef Tattie and ends up delivering the wrong things to the wrong people.

Training Day

S2 E47
Jul 22, 2017
At the skyscraper site Bob sets up a series of games to help the machines develop their teamwork skills. But when Shifter spots Gull nearby, he imagines that he is going somewhere exciting and follows him out of the site. Soon Shifter gets stuck but Lofty, Scoop and Muck manage to rescue him using the skills they've been working on with Bob.

Muck's Stinky Trip

S2 E48
Jul 29, 2017
Bob and the team are building raised beds at the Town Hall when Muck gets sent off to pick up some manure. On the way back he realizes that his load is very stinky so he decides to avoid as many people as possible. Soon he's running late and rushes back causing mayhem to the building of the raised beds in the process.

Playing Ketchup

S2 E49
Aug 03, 2017
Bob and Scoop and Wendy and Muck form two teams in order to build two hotdog stands outside the stadium. Scoop misinterprets Bob and Wendy's friendly rivalry as fierce competition and becomes over excited about finishing first. In too much of a hurry Scoop damages Wendy and Muck's stand.

Shifter's New Garage

S2 E50
Aug 10, 2017
Shifter assumes that one of the new garages being built in the back yard is for him, but Bob and Wendy have other plans and have forgotten to tell him. When Dizzy offers to share her garage with Shifter she takes it badly that he's not as excited. The two of them fall out until Dizzy realizes that Shifter's just terribly disappointed not to have his own garage as he'd hoped. Eventually she talks him round.