Season 6

Episode Guide

The Legend of the Blue Puppy

S6 E1
Feb 11, 2007
Today we meet Moona, the moon fairy, who tells us the Legend of Blue. We learn that Blue was born with a little golden key, which will help her unlock her greatest gift.

Love Day

S6 E2
Feb 14, 2007
A mystery card floats into Joe's hands. Then, in Blue's Room, a real live Cinderella comes to visit and talk with us. Guest Star: Mary Stuart Masterson as Cinderella.


S6 E3
Feb 16, 2007
Joe and Blue are playing with a toy train when it takes off through the living room and lands at a mysterious door. We open the door and out comes Wish! She tells us that today is our Wish Day - all day]we can make any wish.

Joe's Clues

S6 E4
Aug 18, 2007
Today is not a usual day; something is different. We're not playing Blue's Clues - we're playing Joe's Clues!

Skidoo Adventure

S6 E5
Aug 26, 2007
When Joe greets us he can't wait to show us his and Blue's creation called Wacky Wild World! Then, in Blue's Room we sing a song about the most spectacular place - home!


S6 E6
Sep 2, 2007
It's Playdate time! Today we get to spend quality time with Periwinkle, Mailbox, Joe, and Blue. How do we decide who to play with first?

The Fairy Tale Ball

S6 E7
Sep 4, 2007
A very special invitation arrives at the door. It's an invitation to the Fairy Tale Ball! And all our favorite fairy tale characters will be there. We skidoo into Fairy Tale Land and start playing Blue's Clues.

Soccer Practice

S6 E8
Sep 9, 2007
Today we're spending the whole day at the park. Do you want to know why? We're playing soccer!