Season 3

Episode Guide

Our New Neighbor!

S3 E1
Oct 1, 2021
Josh and Blue have some BIG news--a new neighbor just moved in next door and it's Periwinkle! We play Blue's Clues to figure out how we can help Periwinkle feel welcome and learn more about our new kitten neighbor.

The Ghost of the Living Room

S3 E2
Oct 18, 2021
Josh and Blue are throwing a Halloween party and all our friends are in costume! Blue's a unicorn, Magenta's a mouse, but wait, who's that mysterious, silly ghost gliding about the Living Room? We'll look for clues as we go through a haunted house skidoo!

A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights

S3 E3
Nov 26, 2021
Everyone's at Periwinkle's house celebrating Hanukkah! There's a surprise guest coming to our Hanukkah party, and we'll play Blue's Clues to figure it out! We celebrate by spinning dreidels, frying latkes, and singing a Hanukkah song!

Blue's Snowy Day Surprise

S3 E4
Dec 6, 2021
There are SNOW many great things to do on a snowy day like today, but Blue's surprise may be the very best! We'll play a wintry game of Blue's Clues to figure out what her snowy day surprise is.

Blue's Dino Clues

S3 E5
Jan 14, 2022
It's a prehistoric game of Blue's Clues when a mysterious dinosaur egg falls out of the skidoo frame and starts to hatch! We skidoo into Dino World to figure out what kind of dinosaur is inside the egg so we can reunite the egg with their family.

Building with Blue

S3 E6
Feb 4, 2022
Josh invites YOU to be a part of the construction crew! Blue and Magenta are building something special, and we need to play Blue and Magenta's Clues to figure it out!

Blue's Backyard Sports Spectacular

S3 E7
Feb 8, 2022
It's a Backyard Sports Spectacular! Coach Josh and friends are playing all the sports today and getting ready for a big soccer game later!

Blue's Mystery Present

S3 E8
Mar 18, 2022
At the Present Store, Joe's running a special contest--whoever correctly guesses the mystery present on display gets to unwrap it! We'll play Blue's Clues to figure it out! As we look for clues, we help customers pick out the perfect presents!

Mailtime Mystery

S3 E9
Mar 18, 2022
It's a busy delivery day for Mailbox, and he could really use some help. There's a super-special letter that needs to be delivered, but Mailbox doesn't know who the letter is for!

Magenta's Case of the Giggles

S3 E10
Apr 1, 2022
Josh and Blue are pretending to be doctors around the house. But one 'patient' seems to have a curious condition -- Magenta has come down with a serious case of the giggles! We'll play Blue's Clues to help Dr. Blue and Dr. Josh discover the wacky cure.

Rainbow Puppy's Skidoo Adventure

S3 E11
May 13, 2022
Josh and Blue are having a playdate with our friend Rainbow Puppy, who makes everything extra exciting! We play a super special game of Rainbow Puppy's Clues to figure out where she wants to go.

Blue's Treasure of Clue Lagoon

S3 E12
Jun 22, 2022
There's a hidden treasure and Rainbow Puppy needs help finding it! Using the Handy Dandy Map-Book, we journey across Clue Lagoon, decoding symbols to get through ancient walls. Guest Star: Steve Burns

Blue and Little Rainbow Riding Hood

S3 E13
Aug 5, 2022
Rainbow Puppy is opening up a brand‐new Neighborhood Theater, and everyone is pitching in to help. Who has the singing and dancing talents to play the part of The Big, Bad Wolf in "Little Rainbow Riding Hood?" We'll play Blue's Clues to figure it out.

Blue's Storytime with Camila

S3 E14
Oct 3, 2022
We dive deeper into American Sign Language and the Deaf community. Camila the librarian wants to tell a story with us using ASL that everyone can enjoy together-but what story? We'll play Blue's Clues to figure it out!

Tickety's Big Musical Morning

S3 E15
Oct 4, 2022
Good morning! We celebrate morning routines with Tickety as we sing a brand-new wakeup song. As we play a timely game of Blue's Clues to figure out what special time is coming up, we help Josh get ready for the day and straighten out Felicia's schedule.

Something New at Blue's School

S3 E16
Oct 5, 2022
Josh's excited to try being Teacher for the Day, but Blue seems nervous to try something. What could it be? As we play games and sing songs at school, we learn all about why it's so awesome to try new things! Guest Star: Rachel Bloom

Feelin' Filipino

S3 E17
Oct 6, 2022
Lola is missing her hometown in the Philippines, so Josh surprises her by bringing the Philippines to the house! We explore Filipino culture and family traditions as we play Blue's Clues to figure out Lola's favorite thing to do. Guest Star: Carolyn Fe

Into the Blueniverse

S3 E18
Nov 7, 2022
It's an interstellar Blue's Clues adventure! Magenta's toy spaceship spins out of control, disappearing into Blueniverse. Oh no! Where in the Blueniverse is Magenta's spaceship? We'll play Blue's Clues to find out!

Sage and Ginger's Baby Book

S3 E19
Nov 8, 2022
Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are trying to take a photo of Sage and Ginger for their baby book, but as hard as they try, they just can't seem to make the twins smile. We'll play a silly  game of Blue's Clues to figure out how to make the  twins giggle!

Joshini the Amazing

S3 E20
Nov 9, 2022
Abracadabra! Periwinkle is planning a magic show! The Amazing Joshini and YOU, his Friendo Fabuloso, are eager to perform the greatest magic trick the Blue's Clues house has ever seen! Guest Star: Donovan Patton