Season 2

Episode Guide

You're Not Compton By Yourself

S2 E1
Feb 21, 2022
Attempting to reopen the IAM shop, KP and Tim are faced with a fractured staff that has questionable allegiances. Alana is back in LA and ready to dive into tattooing. Nessie and Vudu are unsure whether the shop is a welcoming option for employment.

Day of Reckoning

S2 E2
Feb 28, 2022
The sit-down between KP and Lemeir brings about a revelation that catches Ceaser by surprise and leads to new alliances within the Crew. Star and Tim try to ease the minds of team IAM as a deadline is set to recommit to the shop.

All Will Bee Revealed

S2 E3
Mar 7, 2022
As the day of reckoning dawns, KP, Tim, Star and Cory are surprised by who shows up at the IAM shop willing to work... and who doesn't. Nessie confronts Lemeir about taking her ex's side when she needed his support.

From Compton to the Vatican

S2 E4
Mar 14, 2022
After receiving shocking news regarding the legality of their shop, KP and Tim seek help from KP's dad. KP and Tim take the IAM crew on a field trip to Cory's home tattoo shop, the Vatican, and stage a tattoo competition.

Hanging with the Opps

S2 E5
Mar 21, 2022
Bad news abounds as KP and Tim find out the shop failed its health inspection, while Nessie and Barbie learn that Lemeir was in a bad accident.

The Compton Ultimatum

S2 E6
Mar 28, 2022
KP and Tim are disappointed to learn that their artists were at Barbie and Danielle's pop-up shop. KP reprimands his artists on a number of issues, pushing some beyond their limits.

Barbie Picks at Her Bone

S2 E7
Apr 4, 2022
Barbie opens up to Dani about relationship issues and pushes Bone to make amends with her father. After KP and Tim insult Vudu at Ink's charity event, Barbie tries to level with Armani about the drama and things quickly escalate.

The Lost Season

S2 E8
Apr 11, 2022
KP, Nessie, Lemeir and Star each discuss what went down during pre-COVID filming that led to the current drama. Nessie reveals tension with KP stemming from his unwillingness to hire her ex, Ken.

New Teams, Same Dreams

S2 E9
Apr 18, 2022
Ready to turn the page, the IAM team holds auditions in search of new artists. Barbie confronts Bone about his cheating, while Lemeir and Danielle discuss whether now is the right time to open a new shop.

Birthday Dahl

S2 E10
Apr 25, 2022
Kat talks terms with Nessie for her guest spot and is surprised by a former employee pop-up during a high-end client tattoo. Nessie throws Vudu a 30th birthday celebration and she blows out her first candles ever.

It's Tattoo Taco Tuesday!

S2 E11
May 2, 2022
KP surprises his new artists on their first day by announcing he is going to have a party at the shop with tattoos and also perform his new track. Polo has big news for his friends and close family.

Black Ink Crewtopia

S2 E12
May 9, 2022
KP debates with the IAM team whether or not to attend Ceaser's opp-filled event, while Kat and Enigma eagerly prep art pieces to adorn the gallery walls.

A Tale of Tattoo Cities

S2 E13
May 15, 2023
Team Enigma holds the shop down while Kat prepares for baby #2 and shop renos. KP gets more acquainted with his new team, while still facing challenges from OG artists. Things get heated at an Enigma event between Nessie and Lemeir, causing tensions.

Face the Music

S2 E14
May 22, 2023
Nessie faces the consequences of her actions after Kevin's rose seminar. Things get a bit rocky for Polo after he shares music with controversial lyrics, forcing a difficult decision about his future. KP tattoos a Grammy-winning producer.

Tattooing With the Enemy

S2 E15
May 29, 2023
Kat juggles renovations, doctors appointments and surprise guests as her team rebounds from the post-Rose Seminar staff meeting. KP and Tim rally to help an artist in need.

Keyed Up and Locked Out

S2 E16
Jun 5, 2023
A key issue threatens to lock up KP's music plans and it's up to Tim to find a solution. As Kat focuses on finding the perfect home for her family, Nelly zeros in on helping Nessie face her demons.

When Kat's Away, the Kevin Will Play

S2 E17
Jun 12, 2023
Before heading back to Florida, Kat throws a party to celebrate Enigma's 4th Anniversary, but Nelly is leery of what Kevin will do once Kat steps away. Tensions flare in Compton as Amber wants to host a charity event but KP and Tim have other plans.

IAM is an Enigma

S2 E18
Jun 19, 2023
Amber becomes increasingly annoyed with Alana. Kat shares her video diary while getting ready to welcome baby #2. Enigma manager candidates begin their trial run. The team steps in as Nelly's distant behavior becomes very apparent

Here Comes Lava Girl

S2 E19
Jun 26, 2023
The Enigma team boards a bus to San Diego for their first tattoo convention. KP and Tim focus on a music video for "New New" while Mz. Ink Bomb hopes Alana and Amber can keep the peace. Kevin and Nelly are in gridlock after an intense argument.

Eyes on the Prize

S2 E20
Jul 3, 2023
After Alana and Amber's fight, someone is sent to the Emergency Room. KP and Tim are summoned, but will their involvement help or hurt? Kat is in mom mode in Florida and missing her team. Brandon consoles Alana as she wonders how to proceed.

Nobody Puts Barbie In A Corner

S2 E21
Jul 10, 2023
Kevin visits Kat in Florida and tells her Enigma needs her back ASAP. An unexpected move by Oliver leads to issues for Barbie and Denai. After talking to Ryan Henry, KP calls a meeting with the IAM team and some decide they're done with the drama.

The Cost Of Having It All

S2 E22
Jul 17, 2023
Kat returns to LA and decides who will be manager, but info from Denai sends a shockwave through the shop. KP debates whether to close IAM. At Kat's housewarming party, Nelly tells the group she may be leaving the shop.