Season 4

Episode Guide

Big Time Invasion

S4 E1
May 01, 2013
BTR has to stop the invasion of the British boy band! Concerned that Gustavo is spread too thin the boys try to hire a top music manager. Unable to agree, the four split and a rift quickly escalates within the band.

Big Time Scandal

S4 E2
May 08, 2013
Lucy releases her album about being dumped by Kendall and it's a hit! James, desperate for attention, creates an internet rumor that he and Cher Lloyd are recording a duet.

Big Time Lies

S4 E3
May 15, 2013
The guys are caught in a web of lies. Kendall has to keep Jo from discovering Lucy has returned to the Palm Woods. Logan's fib about being sick turns into a medical emergency and Carlos and James claim Rocque Records was robbed.

Big Time Bonus

S4 E4
May 22, 2013
Gustavo gives the guys a bonus for their hard work, but they quickly begin to make bad decisions with their money.

Big Time Cameo

S4 E5
May 29, 2013
BTR is making a cameo on a kid's TV show, but trouble is brewing. Kendall is a terrible actor, Carlos pursues the show's teen star, and Logan and James end up getting into a fight with Yo Gabba Gabba.

Big Time Pranks II

S4 E6
Jun 12, 2013
It's time again for the prank war at the Palm Woods, and this time its kids versus adults as they battle for the honor of winning Lord Prankington's Cup.

Big Time Rides

S4 E7
Jun 19, 2013
James continues his pursuit of Lucy and buys a motorcycle in order to impress her, but he doesn't know how to drive it. Kendall teaches Jo how to drive stick-shift and Carlos & Logan can't relinquish a childhood treasure.

Big Time Tests

S4 E8
Jun 26, 2013
Logan brings Carlos along to the MCAT test as his good luck charm, but when Carlos somehow gets a higher score, Logan questions his plans to become a doctor.

Big Time Cartoon

S4 E9
Jul 10, 2013
The guys are pitched a kids cartoon show but instead do a video game to expand their brand. A mix-up while wearing motion capture suits puts them at the center of an extraterrestrial news story.

Big Time Break Out

S4 E10
Jul 17, 2013
After being told that boy bands always split up after the third album, the guys compete to find solo "breakout" gigs before being left behind.

Big Time Tour Bus

S4 E11
Jul 21, 2013
We go inside BTR's tour bus as we see the craziness that happens as the guys make their way to their next gig. They may get there in time, but it won't be easy.

Big Time Dreams

S4 E12
Jul 24, 2013
It's the Tween Choice Awards, and BTR is nominated and booked to close the show! However, their night is in jeopardy when the guys uncover an evil plan to brainwash the audience. Now BTR must find a way to defeat the bad guy, save the show, and still make sure their dreams come true.