How to Watch Big Ten Football

College football fans, we've got you!
Posted on Apr 17, 2024 | 03:00am
Attention, college football fans: Big Ten football is returning to CBS in fall 2024. And, yup, Big Ten Football on CBS games again will be available to stream live on Paramount+ with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan. But if you're expecting the same old, same old from Big Ten football, you're in for a surprise. The oldest Division I conference in the United States is adding four new schools, including USC and UCLA. The gridiron action promises to be must-see TV. So, here’s everything you need to know to watch Big Ten football games live in 2024.
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Where to Watch Big Ten Football

In 2024, Big Ten football games will be broadcast on TV by CBS, Fox, and NBC. 

CBS marked its inaugural Big Ten football season in 2023, and aired seven games. Starting with the 2024 season, Big Ten Football on CBS will broadcast up to 15 games a year, including the 2024 Big Ten Championship Game, and the 2028 Big Ten Championship Game.  

TV viewers across the country may watch Big Ten Football on CBS games live on the CBS Television Network using cable, satellite, or a digital antenna. Big Ten Football on CBS games are also available to stream live on Paramount+ with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan.

How to Stream Big Ten Football

You can stream Big Ten Football on CBS games live on Paramount+ with the Paramount+ with  SHOWTIME® plan. The Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan allows subscribers to watch their local CBS channel live. 

Please note: The Paramount+ Essential plan does not allow you to watch your local live CBS station. You cannot stream Big Ten Football on CBS games with the Paramount+ Essential plan. 

As of publication, the 2024 Big Ten Football on CBS schedule was not out yet. Check back here for updates. Last year’s slate of games was released at the end of May. 

How to Watch Big Ten Football Without Cable

Cord cutters, fear not. Big Ten Football on CBS games can be streamed live on Paramount+ via 
the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan. 

Check back here for updates on the 2024 Big Ten football TV schedule, and find out which games will be available to watch live on CBS, and stream live on Paramount+ via the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan.
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What is the Big Ten?

The Big Ten, also known as the Big 10, or stylized as B1G, is the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference in the United States. With rivalries that run more than a century old, the Big Ten is famous for fielding must-watch football on Saturdays. Generations of bragging rights are on the line for each game, culminating, since 2011, in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Led by now-former head coach Jim Harbaugh, Michigan won the 2023 Big Ten Championship, en route to the Wolverines' victory in the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship game. 

What teams are in the Big Ten?

There are 18 schools in the Big Ten. Wait, what? It's a long (but interesting!) story. 

The history of the athletic conference goes all the way back to 1896, when seven colleges came together to organize, and create principals for intercollegiate athletics.

By 1917, Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio State and Chicago had all joined the conference, and the group was referred to as the Big Ten for the first time. 

By 1950, the University of Chicago left, and Michigan State joined. This consortium of 10 schools held steady until the 1990s, when Penn State joined. (And, yup, no matter how many schools have belonged to the Big Ten, the conference's name has remained the same.)  

In the 2010s, Nebraska, Maryland, and Rutgers joined the fun. 

In 2024, four more schools are coming on board: UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Washington come to the Big Ten from the Pac-12 Conference. So, yes, in all, the Big Ten now boasts 18 schools. And this all promises to add up to a wild year of college football.

What channel is the Big Ten Football Championship on in 2024?

In 2024, the Big Ten Football Championship will air live on CBS. The game, featuring the top team from the conference's East division against the top team from the West division, is scheduled to be played on December 7, 2024, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can watch the game live on TV via your local CBS station, and/or you can stream the CBS game live on Paramount+ with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan. 
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When will the 2024 Big Ten football schedule be released?

The Big Ten has released its 2024 football schedule. With 18 schools that span the country, the conference scheduled in-conference games by taking geography, competitive balance, and historical rivalries into account. 

Below is the complete game schedule, current as of publication, for each Big Ten school during the 2024 college football season. The broadcast schedule, showing which networks will broadcast which games, is not yet known. Please check back here for updates. 

Aug. 31: Kansas
Sept. 7: Central Michigan
Sept. 14: Eastern Illinois
Sept. 21: at Nebraska
Sept. 28: at Penn State
Oct. 12: Purdue
Oct. 19: Michigan
Oct. 26: at Oregon
Nov. 2: Minnesota
Nov. 16: Michigan State
Nov. 23: at Rutgers
Nov. 30: at Northwestern

Aug. 31: FIU
Sept. 7: Western Illinois
Sept. 14: at UCLA
Sept. 21: Charlotte
Sept. 28: Maryland
Oct. 5: at Northwestern
Oct. 19: Nebraska
Oct. 26: Washington
Nov. 2: at Michigan State
Nov. 9: Michigan
Nov. 23: at Ohio State
Nov. 30: Purdue

Aug. 31: Illinois State
Sept. 7: Iowa State
Sept. 14: Troy
Sept. 21: at Minnesota
Oct. 5: at Ohio State
Oct. 12: Washington
Oct. 19: at Michigan State
Oct. 26: Northwestern
Nov. 2: Wisconsin
Nov. 9: at UCLA
Nov. 23: at Maryland
Nov. 29: Nebraska

Aug. 31: UConn
Sept. 7: Michigan State
Sept. 14: at Virginia
Sept. 21: Villanova
Sept. 28: at Indiana
Oct. 12: Northwestern
Oct. 19: USC
Oct. 26: at Minnesota
Nov. 9: at Oregon
Nov. 16: Rutgers
Nov. 23: Iowa
Nov. 30: at Penn State

Aug. 31: Fresno State
Sept. 7: Texas
Sept. 14: Arkansas State
Sept. 21: USC
Sept. 28: Minnesota
Oct. 5: at Washington
Oct. 19: at Illinois
Oct. 26: Michigan State
Nov. 2: Oregon
Nov. 9: at Indiana
Nov. 23: Northwestern
Nov. 30: at Ohio State

Michigan State
Aug. 31: FAU
Sept. 7: at Maryland
Sept. 14: Louisiana
Sept. 21: at Boston College
Sept. 28: Ohio State
Oct. 5: at Oregon
Oct. 19: Iowa
Oct. 26: at Michigan
Nov. 2: Indiana
Nov. 16: at Illinois
Nov. 23: Purdue
Nov. 30: Rutgers

Aug. 29: North Carolina
Sept. 7: Rhode Island
Sept. 14: Nevada
Sept. 21: Iowa
Sept. 28: at Michigan
Oct. 5: USC
Oct. 12: at UCLA
Oct. 26: Maryland
Nov. 2: at Illinois
No. 9: at Rutgers
Nov. 23: Penn State
Nov. 30: at Wisconsin

Aug. 31: UTEP
Sept. 7: Colorado
Sept. 14: Northern Iowa
Sept. 21: Illinois
Sept. 28: at Purdue
Oct. 5: Rutgers
Oct. 19: at Indiana
Oct. 26: at Ohio State
Nov. 2: UCLA
Nov. 16: at USC
Nov. 23: Wisconsin
Nov. 29: at Iowa

Aug. 31: Miami (Ohio)
Sept. 7: Duke
Sept. 21: at Washington
Oct. 5: Indiana
Oct. 12: at Maryland
Oct. 19: Wisconsin
Oct. 26: at Iowa
Nov. 2: at Purdue
Nov. 16: Ohio State
Nov. 23: at Michigan
Nov. 30: Illinois

Ohio State
Aug. 31: Southern Miss
Sept. 7: Western Michigan
Sept. 21: Marshall
Sept. 28: at Michigan State
Oct. 5: Iowa
Oct. 12: at Oregon
Oct. 26: Nebraska
Nov. 2: at Penn State
Nov. 9: Purdue
Nov. 16: at Northwestern
Nov. 23: Indiana
Nov. 30: Michigan

Aug. 24: at Hawaii
Aug. 31: Idaho
Sept. 7: Texas Tech
Sept. 14: Boise State
Sept. 28: at UCLA
Oct. 5: Michigan State
Oct. 12: Ohio State
Oct. 19: at Purdue
Oct. 26: Illinois
Nov. 2: at Michigan
Nov. 9: Maryland
Nov. 16: at Wisconsin
Nov. 30: Washington

Penn State
Aug. 31: at West Virginia
Sept. 7: Bowling Green
Sept. 21: Kent State
Sept. 28: Illinois
Oct. 5: UCLA
Oct. 12: at USC
Oct. 26: at Wisconsin
Nov. 2: Ohio State
Nov. 9: Washington
Nov. 16: at Purdue
Nov. 23: at Minnesota
Nov. 30: Maryland

Sept. 7: Indiana State
Sept. 14: Notre Dame
Sept. 21: at Oregon State
Sept. 28: Nebraska
Oct. 5: at Wisconsin
Oct. 12: at Illinois
Oct. 19: Oregon
Nov. 2: Northwestern
Nov. 9: at Ohio State
Nov. 16: Penn State
Nov. 23: at Michigan State
Nov. 30: at Indiana

Sept. 7: Akron
Sept. 21: at Virginia Tech
Sept. 28: Washington
Oct. 5: at Nebraska
Oct. 12: Wisconsin
Oct. 19: UCLA
Oct. 26: at USC
Nov. 9: Minnesota
Nov. 16: at Maryland
Nov. 23: Illinois
Nov. 30: at Michigan State

Aug. 31: at Hawaii
Sept. 14: Indiana
Sept. 21: at LSU
Sept. 28: Oregon
Oct. 5: at Penn State
Oct. 12: Minnesota
Oct. 19: at Rutgers
Nov. 2: at Nebraska
Nov. 9: Iowa
Nov. 16: at Washington
Nov. 23: USC
Nov. 30: Fresno State

Sept. 1: LSU (in Las Vegas)
Sept. 7: Utah State
Sept. 21: at Michigan
Sept. 28: Wisconsin
Oct. 5: at Minnesota
Oct. 12: Penn State
Oct. 19: at Maryland
Oct. 26: Rutgers
Nov. 2: at Washington
Nov. 16: Nebraska
Nov. 23: at UCLA
Nov. 30: Notre Dame

Aug. 31: Weber State
Sept. 7: Eastern Michigan
Sept. 21: Northwestern
Sept. 28: at Rutgers
Oct. 5: Michigan
Oct. 12: at Iowa
Oct. 26: at Indiana
Nov. 2: USC
Nov. 9: at Penn State
Nov. 16: UCLA
Nov. 30: at Oregon

Aug. 31: Western Michigan
Sept. 7: South Dakota
Sept. 14: Alabama
Sept. 28: at USC
Oct. 5: Purdue
Oct. 12: at Rutgers
Oct. 19: at Northwestern
Oct. 26: Penn State
Nov. 2: at Iowa
Nov. 16: Oregon
Nov. 23: at Nebraska
Nov. 30: Minnesota

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