Season 5

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S5 E1
Mar 15, 2017
Sixteen houseguests, old and new, jump aboard the Big Brother Canada Odyssey for an out of this world adventure.

Episode 2

S5 E2
Mar 16, 2017
The HoH nominates two players for eviction, the Power of Veto competition takes place and one houseguest gets ejected. Meanwhile, a surprise twist earns one beloved houseguest immunity.

Episode 3

S5 E3
Mar 20, 2017
A new HoH is named and the first four have-nots of the season get some bad news, while two unlucky houseguests are put up on the block.

Episode 4

S5 E4
Mar 22, 2017
Houseguests battle it out for the power of veto and one player finds themselves in the house's bad books. Houseguests battle it out for the power of veto and one player finds themselves in the house's bad books.

Episode 5

S5 E5
Mar 23, 2017
Tensions rise as two houseguests clash and everyone competes in a task to win a special reward and another houseguest is eliminated.

Episode 6

S5 E6
Mar 27, 2017
One houseguest wins HoH and nominates two players for eviction, a competition is played to determine the have-nots for the week.

Episode 7

S5 E7
Mar 29, 2017
The power of veto competition is played and a huge target in the house lobbies to be spared.

Episode 8

S5 E8
Mar 30, 2017
It's eviction night, and one way or another the BBCAN Odyssey will be down one fiery female houseguest.

Episode 9

S5 E9
Apr 03, 2017
Backwards week continues. Two houseguests are destined for the block and players play for the POV.

Episode 10

S5 E10
Apr 05, 2017
A controversial slop vote causes some very messy drama, meanwhile the backwards HOH competition has bigger stakes than ever.

Episode 11

S5 E11
Apr 06, 2017
Neda starts to really get on the other houseguests' nerves and the eviction vote pits a newbie against a vet.

Episode 12

S5 E12
Apr 10, 2017
As power starts to shift in the house, relationships are questioned.

Episode 13

S5 E13
Apr 12, 2017
A divided house is on pins and needles during a high-stakes veto competition.

Episode 14

S5 E14
Apr 13, 2017
Strap yourself in for the most shocking eviction of the season. You can and you will!

Episode 15

S5 E15
Apr 17, 2017
A buzzworthy HOH competition shifts the power balance in the house.

Episode 16

S5 E16
Apr 19, 2017
The POV competition forces the HOH to question his entire plan for the week. Meanwhile William embarks a perilous secret mission.

Episode 17

S5 E17
Apr 20, 2017
The game takes an emotional toll on Ika, while Kevin and Bruno try to avoid losing another vet.

Episode 18

S5 E18
Apr 24, 2017
A comp beast emerges, while newbies plot their revenge on the power couple.

Episode 19

S5 E19
Apr 26, 2017
The houseguests enter the torture chamber in a terrifying POV competition that causes tempers in the house to flare.

Episode 20

S5 E20
Apr 27, 2017
A secret power is hanging in the balance and could totally change the entire trajectory of the game.

Episode 21

S5 E21
May 01, 2017
A game of "dare or dare" causes the houseguests to go wild, while the new HOH's dwindling options for nominees creates a tough decision.

Episode 22

S5 E22
May 03, 2017
Ika's game is in disarray as her and Demetres try to pick up the pieces.

Episode 23

S5 E23
May 04, 2017
They odyssey hits a rough patch and houseguests are faced with a triple eviction.

Episode 24

S5 E24
May 08, 2017
Karen goes on a secret mission while the curse of the third bed is explained.

Episode 25

S5 E25
May 10, 2017
Karen pulls no punches when it comes to her disdain for Kevin, and the POV Ceremony gets nasty.

Episode 26

S5 E26
May 11, 2017
Kevin tries to balance his gambler's instinct and common-sense strategy as the house prepares to say goodbye to another houseguest.

Episode 27

S5 E27
May 15, 2017
Roll out the red carpet! It's time for the BBCan Awards. And afterward the game gets serious as the finish line is within sight.

Episode 28

S5 E28
May 17, 2017
There's no more heart wrenching exit than a Special Eviction. The house braces itself to say goodbye to a great player.

Episode 29

S5 E29
May 18, 2017
An epic season ends with an epic finale. Will the last houseguest standing be a newbie or a vet?