Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 25, 1987
The world of New York socialite attorney Catherine Chandler is turned upside down when she suffers a brutal attack, but is saved by a mysterious man/beast.

Terrible Savior

S1 E2
Oct 02, 1987
Cathy investigates the case of a mysterious man who is fatally slashing subway criminals.


S1 E3
Oct 09, 1987
Vincent and Catherine expose the scheme of an unscrupulous land developer (Edward Albert) to drive elderly tenents from their building.

No Way Down

S1 E4
Oct 16, 1987
Vincent is captured by a vicious street gang while protecting Catherine.


S1 E5
Oct 30, 1987
A masquerade ball provides the perfect setting for political intrigue when Cathy and Vincent come to the aid of Irish peace activist Bridget O'Donnell (Caitlin O'Heaney).

Beast Within

S1 E6
Nov 06, 1987
Cathy's life is endangered when she investigates the death of a New York longshoreman.

Nor Iron Bars A Cage

S1 E7
Nov 13, 1987
When Vincent is captured and caged, Catherine must abandon her plans and save him.

Song Of Orpheus

S1 E8
Nov 20, 1987
Father receives a summons to return to the world Above and face his former life there.

Dark Spirit

S1 E9
Nov 27, 1987
Cathy's investigation of a wealthy businessman's (Brett Hadly) bizarre death leads her into the world of voodoo.

Children's Story

S1 E10
Dec 04, 1987
Vincent and Kipper enlist Catherine's help in exposing the corrupt organization behind a "model" children's foster home.

Impossible Silence

S1 E11
Dec 18, 1987
When a deaf girl (Terrylene Theriot) from the world Below is the only witness to a cop's murder.

Shades Of Gray

S1 E12
Jan 08, 1988
When Vincent and Father (Roy Dotrice) are trapped in a maze, Catherine turns to a renegade to help her free her beloved.

China Moon

S1 E13
Jan 15, 1988
When Cinatown beauty Lin Wong (Rosalind Chao) attempts to avoid an arranged marriage, Vincent and Catherine help her and her true love escape.

The Alchemist

S1 E14
Jan 22, 1988
When a potent new drug sweeps Manhattan, Cathy enlists the help of Vincent to find its source.


S1 E15
Feb 05, 1988
Joe (Jay Acovone) is seduced by a beautiful attorney (Isabella Hofmann) before realizing that their affair poses a serious conflict of interest.

Promises Of Someday

S1 E16
Feb 12, 1988
Vincent recalls some painful experiences he had, when his brother Devin (Bruce Abbott) poses as an attorney in Catherine's office.

Down To A Sunless Sea

S1 E17
Feb 19, 1988
When Cathy's former law school beau (Jim Metzler) reappears, she fails to heed Vincent's warnings about the danger she is in.


S1 E18
Feb 26, 1988
Vincent's world is endangered by greed and strife when Mouse (David Greenlee) discovers a sunken ship beneath the city.

Everything Is Everything

S1 E19
Mar 04, 1988
Catherine and Vincent help an orphaned Gypsy boy (Josh Blake) clear his father's name.

To Reign In Hell

S1 E20
Mar 18, 1988
When Cathy is kidnaped by a giant-warrior. Vincent must prepare for a battle to the death.


S1 E21
Apr 01, 1988
Elliot Burch (Edward Albert), Catherine's former suitor, begins building a massive tower. Cathy agrees to marry him on the condition he halt construction.

A Happy Life

S1 E22
Apr 08, 1988
Cathy and Vincent come to a crossroads in their relationship, where they are forced to question whether they can ever have happy lives if they stay together.