Season 2

Episode Guide

Wild Mike's Dance Party/Buyers Beware

S2 E1
Feb 27, 2009
When Otis unlocks Wild Mike for an impromptu party, Wild Mike accidentally dances off the farm and ends up being captured by the producers of "American Barnstand" to energize the dancers.

Abby and Veronica/Anchor Cow

S2 E2
May 18, 2009
Abby is excited that her cousin Veronica is coming to the barnyard for a visit, but it turns out Veronica has turned from a lovable tomboy into a manipulative bombshell, bent on using Abby's friends to get what she wants.

Bling My Barn/Udderado

S2 E3
May 28, 2009
When Otis accidentally blows up the barn, they audition for Bling My Barn, a home improvement show that fixes up barns for deserving families - and win the blinging thanks to Pig dressing up as an adorable pink baby.

Cupig/Happy Animal Fun Time

S2 E4
May 28, 2009
Pig writes a love letter to his favorite pastry treat, Flaky Tarts, but Otis finds it and thinks Abby wrote it to him.

Dream Birthday/Lord of the Beavers

S2 E5
Jul 4, 2009
The animals feel bad for the Farmer after seeing that everyone forgot his birthday, so they decide to throw him a party and tell him it's a dream, but the Farmer gets carried away.

Little Otis/Kids in the City

S2 E6
Jul 5, 2009
In order to get out of doing chores, Otis decides to order a clone of himself to do the grunt work for him.

Barnyards and Broomsticks/The Barn Buddy

S2 E7
Oct 5, 2009
While on a camping trip, Otis is spooked by Pip's campfire story about the Piney Woods Witch. The others mock him mercilessly until she actually appears.

Iron Otis/Too Good to be Glue

S2 E8
Oct 6, 2009
Peck is going to be cooked by TV Chef Big Bones Mignon, so Otis disguises himself as a TV chef and challenges him to a Chef-Off to free his friend.

King Cud/Everett's Treasure

S2 E9
Oct 7, 2009
Otis is knocked on the head by a sarcophagus and wakes up believing he's King Cudenhotep IV. The animals need to find a way to knock some sense back into Otis before the farmer returns and sees the Sphinx he's built.

Free Schmoozy/Man's Best Fiend

S2 E10
Oct 8, 2009
The animals liberate a show whale named Schmoozy from a low-rent water park, but the playful Schmoozy swallows the animals one by one in what he thinks is a game.

Endangered Liasons/Fumblebums

S2 E11
Oct 9, 2009
To prevent the farm from being razed to build a lawn-dart stadium, the animals claim the farm as a protected habitat and disguise Freddy as a spotted three-toed ferret.

Back at the Booyard

S2 E12
Oct 25, 2009
In a bid to collect the most Halloween candy and win a prize, Otis tops off the animals' trick-or-treat candy with a handful of candy from a hallowed-out that legend says belongs to Hockey Mask Bob and reclaim their candy.

Mr. Wiggleplix/Chain Gang

S2 E13
Nov 14, 2009
When Otis accidently murders Pig's imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix, Otis is forced to pretend to be Mr. Wiggleplix to keep Pig from falling into a deep depression. The plan goes well...until the real Mr. Wiggleplix shows up.

It's an Udderful Life

S2 E14
Dec 5, 2009
Otis convinces his college buddies Donner and Blitzen to stop by the barnyard on Christmas Eve night. During the visit, Otis accidentally gives Santa a cup belonging to the sick Freddy. Santa gets Ferret Fever and can't finish his rounds.

Get Bessy/A Beautiful Freddy

S2 E15
Jan 2, 2010
The animals decide to follow Bessy to see where she always goes after she insults them and walks away, and the clues point to her being an international art thief!

Arcade of Doom/Rodeotis

S2 E16
Feb 9, 2010
When Otis spots a brand new ZBox 360 in the prize booth, he charges the animals with collecting the 10,000 tickets to win it for the barnyard. Everything's going great until Snotty Boy and his pals show up and set their sights on the same ZBox!

RoboPeck/Puppy Love

S2 E17
Feb 18, 2010
When Peck is pummeled to bits at the Science Fair by one of the kid animals' projects, the animals make him bionic. Everyone loves the new robot Peck until Otis cooks a frozen pizza in him, causing him to go haywire and wreak havoc in town.

Beady and the Beasts/A Catfish Called Eddie

S2 E18
Jun 19, 2010
When Mr. Beady's mother, Mother Beady, shows up for an unexpected visit, Mrs. Beady feels unwanted and decides to stay with a friend until Mother Beady leaves.

Mission: Save Bigfoot/Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday

S2 E19
Sep 11, 2010
While shooting his new music video, Bigfoot is caught in an avalanche atop Mt. Avalanche. Refusing to give up on his friend, Otis leads an expedition to save him.

Hickory Dickory Donkey/Clonedemonium

S2 E20
Sep 18, 2010
When a beautiful she-donkey takes an interest in Pip, Bessy suspects ulterior motives and follows them on their dates, causing the other animals to accuse her of being jealous.

Treasure Hunt

S2 E21
Sep 12, 2011
To get the animals off the farm, the Canadian crows forge a treasure map and make the animals believe that each of them wants the treasure for himself.

Clan of the Cave Cow/Clown and Out

S2 E22
Sep 19, 2011
After bumping his head during a freak ski accident, Otis is mistaken for a prehistoric cave cow and taken to a lab for research. Otis loves all the attention and snacks, but hates that the scientist wants to dissect his brain.

Four Leaf Otis/Cop Cow

S2 E23
Sep 27, 2011
The animals wake to discover that a leprechaun has stolen the Farmer's entire St. Patrick's Day potato crop! As they try to catch the Irish stereotype, the leprechaun uses his magic and turns the animals into shamrocks!

Pig of the Mole People/Plucky and Me

S2 E24
Oct 3, 2011
Pig's mole subjects (from when he was Emperor of the Mole People for 45 minutes) have sought him out to return as their Emperor and defend them from Eric the Terrible, a verbally abusive worm.

Snotty & Snottier/Paging Dr. Filly

S2 E25
Nov 5, 2011
Snotty's even more obnoxious and evil cousin, Phlegmy Boy, is in town, and the animals have to help Snotty if they want to survive Phlegmy's tyranny.


S2 E26
Nov 12, 2011
While creating a fake alien news story to scare away Mrs. Beady, Otis accidentally attracts actual space aliens bent on conquering Earth! Otis tries to stall them at the barnyard while he tries to find their weakness.