Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

3rd Grade Teacher

S1 E1
Jun 10, 2019
An educator aims to prove herself to her students. But when she's stumped in 3rd grade, she considers breaking all school rules and cheating off the class!

Catholic School Teacher

S1 E2
Jun 11, 2019
A nun walks into a classroom...and is sure she can ace elementary school! With the help of these 5th graders, will she dance her way up the money ladder?

Elementary School Principal

S1 E3
Jun 12, 2019
A school administrator is confident, but it doesn't take long for the class to totally school him! Will he actually cheat to get through the 5th grade?

Emergency Operator

S1 E4
Jun 13, 2019
This 911 dispatcher is used to dealing with stress, but will the 5th grade be too much for her to handle?


S1 E5
Jun 17, 2019
An urban farmer puts his brain to the test by answering questions and taking the final exam for his chance to win $100,000!

Registered Nurse

S1 E6
Jun 18, 2019
A licensed medic is put to the test and it isn't long before he considers using a cheat! Will he leave his fate in the hands of a 5th grader?


S1 E7
Jun 19, 2019
This contestant has traveled to outer space, so he's confident he can land on $100,000. He blasts through the questions, but feels the pressure along the way. He even considers cheating when he gets lost in the 5th grade!


S1 E8
Jun 24, 2019
This contestant fights fires for a living, but will the heat in the classroom be too much for him to take?


S1 E9
Jul 1, 2019
A medical practitioner thinks she has enough degrees to ace elementary school, but she only gets to 2nd grade before she considers using a cheat!

Marine Expert

S1 E10
Jul 8, 2019
A shark diver plunges into the classroom and finds herself in the deep end! Will she cheat to save her chances of winning big?


S1 E11
Jul 15, 2019
This high-flyer is sure he will soar his way through elementary school. But when he runs out of a gas, he might consider cheating sooner rather than later!

Personal Trainer

S1 E12
Jul 22, 2019
A fitness instructor is confident he's strong enough to climb his way up the money ladder! But will he be able to keep up with these 5th graders?


S1 E13
Jul 29, 2019
This animal expert aims to prove she's brainy enough to ace the 5th grade! She likes a team effort, but will she cheat for a chance at $100,000?


S1 E14
Sep 6, 2019
This law enforcement officer is all about following the rules until he's caught without an answer! Will he cheat to move up the money ladder?

College Dean

S1 E15
Sep 6, 2019
An Ivy League professor aims to prove his years of schooling haven't gone to waste. But when his big brain starts to overthink, he considers cheating off a 5th grader!


S1 E16
Sep 13, 2019
An emergency technician stays calm under pressure and fights her way through the 4th grade. But she's not afraid to ask for a classmate's help in the 5th grade!

6th Grade Teacher

S1 E17
Sep 20, 2019
A schoolteacher is convinced she can ace elementary school, but when a question stumps her early on, she'll consider cheating much earlier than she expected.

Truck Driver

S1 E18
Sep 27, 2019
This transporter is used to working alone, but it isn't long before she decides she needs the help of these 5th graders!

Football Coach

S1 E19
Oct 4, 2019
A gridiron great is ready to tackle elementary school! But when he's brain blocked in the 3rd grade, he just might have to cheat to be competitive in the game.

Behavioral Scientist

S1 E20
Nov 3, 2019
A brain expert puts her own mind to the test by answering questions and taking the final exam for her chance to win $100,000!