Season 4

Episode Guide

The Tale of the Carved Stone

S4 E1
Feb 25, 1994
Alison buys a "friendship scarab" from the crafty owner of The Magic Mansion, Sardo. She discovers that the scarab is actually a magical amulet that allows her to travel through time.

The Tale of the Guardian's Curse

S4 E2
Mar 04, 1994
Cleo and her brother Josh stumble upon an ancient potion that promises eternal life and they accidentally revive a centuries-old mummy.

The Tale of the Curious Camera

S4 E3
Mar 18, 1994
Matt is a wimpy kid who is always getting bullied, until he discovers a magic camera that plays evil tricks on everything it shoots. It gives Matt incredible power, until the camera turns it's evil on to Matt.

The Tale of the Crimson Clown

S4 E4
Apr 08, 1994
Sam is a bratty little kid who makes life miserable for his brother Mike, and their mother. Nothing can stop him, until an evil doll, the "Crimson Clown" comes to life to teach him a frightening lesson.

The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

S4 E5
Apr 15, 1994
Dr. Vink returns, this time running a strange restaurant. The specialty of the house is "The Dangerous Soup", a delicacy that is made special by a single rare Ingredient...fear.

The Tale of Cutter's Treasure - Part One

S4 E6
Apr 16, 1994
When young Rush Keegan finds an old sea chest in Magic Mansion, he uncovers a link to an ancestor who was murdered by the infamous pirate, Captain Jonas Cutter -- and he learns of his destiny to avenge the souls of Cutter's victims.

The Tale of Cutter's Treasure - Part Two

S4 E7
Oct 28, 1994
Aided by Dr. Vink and Sardo, Rush Keegan follows a mystifying trail to Cutter's secret treasure hoard. There, he must use the magical contents of the chest in one last battle with the vengeful ghost!

The Tale of the Renegade Virus

S4 E8
Oct 29, 1994
Simon and Evan's on-going battle of pranks and practical jokes becomes a matter of life and death when Simon is trapped in a virtual reality game infected by a computer virus.

The Tale of the Quiet Librarian

S4 E9
Nov 04, 1994
"Silence is golden" especially at the library. A long-dead librarian prowls the stacks of books listening for intrusive noises which she absorbs into a magical box.

The Tale of the Water Demons

S4 E10
Nov 05, 1994
Shawn and Dean are entranced by an old sea captain's tales of diving deep sea wrecks for treasure. But the captain is plagued by water demons--the ghosts of the victims of the wrecks--the visit him every time he dozes off and won't let him rest.

The Tale of the Silent Servant

S4 E11
Nov 11, 1994
An old barn close to the Peterson's farm was the scene of mysterious events twenty years ago. Now, Jarred, visiting his cousins the Petersons, unwittingly unleashes a silent servant from the barn.

The Tale of the Room for Rent

S4 E12
Nov 18, 1994
To get some extra income, Jessie's grandfather advertizes a room for rent in his house. Unluckily, Sara Simpson, a local medium, has inadvertently summoned the spirit of a ghost beyond the grave who takes on human form and rents grandpa's room!

The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner

S4 E13
Dec 02, 1994
Ethan's dream is to become a great comic book artist. But his dream turns into a nightmare when he accidentally brings a hideous cartoon character to life.