Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Saturn V

S1 E1
May 15, 2017
Witness the incredible story of the engineers who built the mighty rocket that put man on the moon: the Saturn V.

Lunar Module

S1 E2
May 22, 2017
See how a team of engineers, through ingenuity and dogged determination, built the spacecraft that put man on the moon.

Space Shuttle

S1 E3
May 29, 2017
See how NASA engineers met the challenge to build a spacecraft that can launch like a rocket and land like an airplane.

Space Station

S1 E4
Jun 5, 2017
See how a shared goal to build a space station brought Cold War enemies together and inspired visionary breakthroughs.

Hubble Telescope

S1 E5
Jun 12, 2017
The history of the Hubble Telescope, as told by the brilliant minds and mavericks who built and repaired it.

Viking Mars Mission

S1 E6
Jun 19, 2017
The inside story of Project Viking and the incredible ingenuity that put the first spacecraft on Mars.