Season 1

Episode Guide

Susie Sings The Blues

S1 E1
Nov 29, 2003
Susie is discovered as a great singing talent by an agent who leads her to believe she's going to be the next teen superstar.

Coup De Ville

S1 E2
Apr 12, 2003
Lil strikes a blow for independence from a bewildered Phil. Chuckie takes a defiant stand against the mandatory President's Fitness Test.

Chuckie's In Love

S1 E3
Jan 10, 2004
Chuckie adopts an alter ego in order to gain the attention of a popular girl who doesn't even know he exists. Angelica, needing a juicy expose to insure her "ace" reporter status, takes on Pepe, the eccentric cafeteria chef and his unconventional cuisine.

Bad Kimi

S1 E4
Nov 29, 2003
Kimi befriends Z, the proverbial "bad boy." Chuckie's alarms go off and he is determined to prove to his sister this kid is up to no good. Meanwhile, Angelica is unable to do her online "Ask Angelica" advice chat and uses Harold to sit in.

Truth Or Consequences

S1 E5
Nov 29, 2003
Tommy enters a filmmaking contest. Attempting Cinema Verite, he ends up filming the 'rats in less than flattering situations. When they furiously confront him, he must choose between friendship and his art.

Thief Encounter

S1 E6
Dec 6, 2003
The 'rats are feeling the pressure of the looming school standardized tests. At the same time there is a rash of bizarre thefts in the Pickles' neighborhood. All clues point to Dil.

River 'Rats

S1 E7
Dec 13, 2003
Sick of Phil's overuse of video games, Betty decides to take him, Tommy, and Chuckie on a rafting adventure, with Chas in tow as a helping hand.

It's Cupid Stupid

S1 E8
Feb 14, 2004
With the big Valentine's Day dance on the horizon, every Rugrat is mustering up all their courage to ask their crush to go to the dance.

The Old and the Restless

S1 E9
Jan 24, 2004
When Stu and Didi must race Dil to the doctor due to uncontrollable burping, Grandpa Lou fills in as the class chaperone on the field trip to the Human Body Museum.

Tweenage Tycoons

S1 E10
Nov 29, 2003
The Rats' favorite boy band, The Sulky Boys, is coming to town and tickets are $100 apiece! Knowing there is no way their parents will shell out for tickets, the Rats become mini-capitalists and begin to sell Dil's crazy inventions to their classmates.

Tommy Foolery

S1 E11
Mar 27, 2004
April Fools' Day has always been a big hit with the 'Rats. Only this year, no one knows who is pranking whom when everyone seems to be collaborating on secret plans to have the greatest prank.

Lucky 13

S1 E12
Aug 28, 2004
Angelica is turning 13, and she's throwing the biggest birthday bash ever - with no pre-teen Rugrats invited. But when Angelica's arch-enemy hosts a party of her own on the very same day, it is Tommy and the gang that must come to Angelica's rescue.

Brother, Can You Spare The Time

S1 E13
Jan 17, 2004
When Tommy wins an award for a short film, Dil fears that he will be left behind when his brother becomes famous.

Interview With A Campfire

S1 E14
Jun 25, 2004
The kids and their parents are at Camp Everwood. Chance, a camp counselor, is staging an elaborate musical while Dil is discovering whether or not the camp is haunted.