Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Forest Flight Down

S1 E1
Mar 14, 2016
What caused a routine, 20-minute commuter flight to end in disaster? The NTSB's Alaska Regional Office aims to find out.

Trapper Creek Tragedy

S1 E2
Mar 21, 2016
Follow Alaska's lead NTSB investigators as they try to find the cause of two mysterious Cessna crashes.

Engine Out in Midair

S1 E3
Mar 28, 2016
What caused a Cessna 180 to go down on a routine flight, in good weather, just miles from its destination?

Plane Down in the Tundra

S1 E4
Apr 4, 2016
A flight to a prime fishing spot in Cape Douglas turns disastrous and it's up to NTSB's Alaska office to find out why.

Lost Over the Inlet

S1 E5
Apr 11, 2016
Follow Alaskan NTSB investigator Shaun Williams as he searches for a missing plane, a missing pilot, and missing evidence.

Stalled Over the Highway

S1 E6
Apr 18, 2016
Join the investigation of a Big Lake crash, and the fight against dwindling daylight, lost evidence, and dead-end clues.