Season 1

Episode Guide

Invisible Killer

S1 E1
May 15, 2011
A routine landing goes wrong when Delta Airlines Flight 191 is slammed by an invisible force.

Gimli Glider

S1 E2
May 22, 2011
A pilot is forced to fly an engineless 767 plane to safety from over 26,000 feet in the air.

Behind Closed Doors

S1 E3
May 29, 2011
A design flaw on the infamous DC-10 airliner directly caused two harrowing midair crashes in the early '70s.

Fanning The Flames

S1 E4
May 29, 2011
Behind-the-scenes of the crash, investigation, and political schemes of South African Airlines Flight 295.

Dead Weight

S1 E5
Jun 12, 2011
Air Midwest Flight 5481 stalls in mid-air immediately after take off and plunges to the ground.

Southern Storm

S1 E6
Jun 26, 2011
Southern Airways Flight 242 flies head on into a violent storm and is forced to land on a rural highway in Georgia.

Explosive Evidence

S1 E7
Jul 10, 2011
A bomb explodes on Air India Flight 182 flying from Canada to India.

Mixed Signals

S1 E8
Jul 17, 2011
Within five minutes of takeoff, the Dominican Republic bound Birgenair Flight 301 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean.

Fatal Distraction

S1 E9
Jul 24, 2011
The crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was the deadliest disaster in U.S. civil aviation history.

Phantom Strike

S1 E10
Jul 31, 2011
A multibillion-dollar air traffic control system fails to detect two planes on a collision course.