Season 2

Episode Guide

The Sporting Life

S2 E1
Mar 28, 2021
Great Britain is a land of castles, kings, and queens, but its historic identity also encompasses a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and a love of sport. Enjoy a scenic journey over national parks that have captivated mountaineers, cyclists, and horse riders, and the historic courts, fields, and courses where crowds cheer on sports such as tennis, golf, cricket, and soccer. We also explore the nation's fascination with horsemanship--from equestrian events to polo, "the sport of kings"--as well as another type of horsepower: motorsports.

National Treasures

S2 E2
Apr 04, 2021
Scotland's Great Glen, the iron castles of Wales, and the legendary home of King Arthur. Across Great Britain, national treasures abound, from natural and man-made marvels to landmarks made famous by its heroes and legends. But which is the grandest? Which is the most beloved? Explore the wonders that put the "great" into the nation, all captured from breathtaking heights. Then discover the incredible stories behind these landmarks, and how each plays a seminal role in the United Kingdom's rich and colorful history.

Arts and Culture

S2 E3
Apr 11, 2021
Over the centuries, the United Kingdom has influenced cultures across the globe and produced some of history's top artists, musicians, actors, and writers. In this episode, we explore Britain's finest cultural achievements and the people who created some of the world's most celebrated works of art, from Rockfield Studios in Wales and the streets of Liverpool where rock-and-rollers changed the face of music to the homes of Shakespeare, Roald Dahl, and JM Barrie to the landscapes that inspired the fantastical, fictional worlds.