Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Best Hedgehog

S1 E1
Sep 6, 1993
Sonic rescues Lucas, a rival of Robotnik's, from Robotnik's dungeons. But Robotnik will do anything to keep Lucas from finding his lost love, Lucinda, including proposing to her himself. When she says yes, Robotnik is happily surprised, till the wedding veil is removed, to reveal Sonic.

Tails' New Home

S1 E2
Sep 7, 1993
When Sonic decides to find Tails a suitable foster home, Robotnik finds out, and creates a robot fox family which poses as Tails' long lost parents. Sonic leaves Tails with the fox family, but finally realizes they're robots and rescues Tails.

Birth of a Salesman

S1 E3
Sep 8, 1993
A fast talking, travelling salesman named Wes Weasley sells Robotnik various hedgehog-catching gadgets, including the Darkenator, the Super-duper Gravity Stopper, and the De-Atomizer. Scratch and Grounder reverse the switch on the De-Atomizer and accidentally clone Sonic five times. And five Sonics are better than one.

Submerged Sonic

S1 E4
Sep 9, 1993
When Robotnik invades Labyrinth, an underwater city, and kidnaps Princess Bubbles, a seahorse-dude named Surff seeks Sonic's help. It seems Surff and the Princess are in love, but the royal family deems Surff "unworthy".

Psuedo Sonic

S1 E5
Sep 10, 1993
Mobius is suffering a crime spree and all the evidence points to Sonic as the culprit. But the real thief is a lab rat wearing a high-tech vehicle suit who was sent by Robotnik to discredit our hero. When Sonic becomes ill, Tails uses the suit to try to be a hero. Sonic has to leave his sickbed and save the day.

Over The Hill Hero

S1 E6
Sep 13, 1993
An elderly, out of shape, overweight superhero keeps trying to help Sonic battle Dr. Robotnik, and keeps getting him in more jepordy. Sonic helps the old hero regain his self respect and they team up to battle Robotnik's latest scheme.


S1 E7
Sep 14, 1993
When Robotnik puts a meteor on a collision course with a village, Sonic is forced to compete in the Robolympics to save the village. After a series of wild, booby trapped events, Sonic is victorious.

Lovesick Sonic

S1 E8
Sep 15, 1993
Sonic saves a damsel in distress, and falls in love with her, not knowing she's a robot built by Robotnik. But when she has a chance to trap him, she helps him escape, realizing she has fallen for him.

Grounder The Genius

S1 E10
Sep 17, 1993
When Hacker, an adolescent mole computer whiz steals a super-intelligence program from Robotnik's computer, Sonic has to protect him, smashing Grounder to pieces. But when Grounder puts himself together, he accidentally installs the intelligence program. Now that Grounder is a genius, he invents a petrifying ray, turns Sonic to stone, and Hacker and Tails come to the rescue.

High-Stakes Sonic

S1 E11
Sep 20, 1993
Tails and other Mobius citizens are lured into Robotnik's robotic games of chance, and when they lose they're sent to slave labor camps. Sonic rescues Tails and the others by beating the house in games of chance at Robotnik's Casino, and outsmarting the robots in a climactic chase.

Blank-Headed Eagle

S1 E12
Sep 21, 1993
Awaiting approval. After an accident, Scratch thinks he's an eagle and on the side of Sonic. In order to impress his his new lady love, Scratch assists Sonic in an excursion into Robotnik's Fortress to turn off a dangerous force field.

Boogie Mania

S1 E13
Sep 22, 1993
Professor Von Schlemmer (from Too Tall Tails) has created a machine which brings dreams to life. When Robotnik hears about it, he forces the Professor to alter the machine so that nightmares come to life, and unleashes a Bogey Man on the Mobius population. With the Professor's help, Sonic goes into the World of Dreams to find the answer to the problem.

King Coconuts (AKA: "Big Daddy")

S1 E14
Sep 23, 1993
Coconuts is exiled by Robotnik to a remote jungle, where he uses a giant baby ape to destroy villages. But Sonic exposes Coconuts as a robot, and the baby ape's real Dad takes Coconuts and the baby ape away for a spanking.

The Robotnik Express

S1 E15
Sep 24, 1993
Big Griz, leader of a group of biker-bear rebels, mistakes Scratch and Grounder for Sonic and Tails, and teams up with S and G to attack the real Sonic and Tails. But when Scratch and Grounder take Big Griz prisoner, Sonic comes to the rescue.

Momma Robotnik's Birthday

S1 E16
Sep 27, 1993
Robotnik's momma escapes from the home for mothers of villains and demands her birthday present! When she endangers Sonic and Tails, and they manage to have her taken back to the home, even Robotnik is glad to see her go.

Sloww Going

S1 E17
Sep 28, 1993
When Scratch and Grounder use Robotnik's new Slo-Mo Ray Gun to capture Sonic, Tails rescues him by reversing the gun and turning it on a tribe of friendly Tree Sloth People who become a high speed commando strike force against Robotnik.

So-Long Sucker

S1 E18
Sep 29, 1993
Tails adopts a cute and fuzzy pet named Walter who turns out to be a black hole who sucks up everything in Mobius. Realizing that Walter is from another dimension our heroes have to return him and they soon find themselves spinning through interdimensional limbo.

Robotnik's Rival

S1 E19
Sep 30, 1993
Brandon Quark, an evil half-man, half-duck genius challenges, then teams up with Robotnik to capture Sonic. But Sonic knows their weakness, and pits the Badnik geniuses against one another, and sets himself free.

Trail of the Missing Tails

S1 E20
Oct 1, 1993
When Tails gets trapped in the "Warp of Confusion" (an Escher-like world of another dimension) by Robotnik's cousin, Dr. Warpnik, Sonic comes to the rescue and traps Robotnik and his badniks in the warp.

Momma Robotnik's Return

S1 E21
Oct 4, 1993
Momma escapes again from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre People, disowns Robotnik for failing to capture Sonic, then with the help of an obscure Mobius law, adopts Sonic! Sonic is miserable as a Cinderella hedgehog with Scratch and Grounder as the evil stepbots, till Robotnik and Coconuts find another obscure law which frees Sonic.

Too Tall Tails

S1 E22
Oct 5, 1993
Tails gets a megadose of Robotniks growth gas and grows quickly to monstrous proportions, eating everything in sight and accidentally terrorizing the countryside. Sonic must find the antidote and get it to Tails before Robotnik can persuade the angry villagers to destroy Tails.

Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad

S1 E23
Oct 6, 1993
Sonic outsmarts Coconuts, then stumbles into a Convention of Bounty Hunter Robots where Robotnik puts a price on his head. After Sonic defeats all the Robot Bounty Hunters, Robotnik creates Scratch and Grounder to be his S.S.S.S.S. Squad. And after several attempts, they finally capture Sonic. Thanks to a screw up by Coconuts, Sonic escapes and has the last laugh.

Magnificent Sonic

S1 E24
Oct 7, 1993
When outlaws chase a sheriff out of a western town, Sonic takes over. But the outlaws are robots built by Robotnik. And when they capture a pretty possum of a saloon girl, Sonic meets Robotnik for a showdown.


S1 E25
Oct 8, 1993
A female space hunter named Katella, who is capturing animals all over Mobius for a Zoo, teams up with Robotnik and captures Sonic. To Robotnik's great fear, she then plans to marry the eggman! In an attempt to stop the ceremony, Robotnik accidentally frees Sonic, who poses as a minister and sees that the ceremony takes place as scheduled.

Tails in Charge

S1 E26
Oct 11, 1993
Sonic leaves Tails in charge of protecting a squirrel village food supply, when he zips off to stop a dam from breaking. Robotnik sends Scratch and Grounder after Tails, who defends himself the best he can with "Home Alone" booby traps for Scratch and Grounder. When Tails is finally caught, Sonic speeds back to save him.

Musta Been A Beautiful Baby

S1 E27
Oct 12, 1993
Robotnik invents a Brain Evolution Achievement Negatizer, or B.E.A.N., in order to make all of Mobius stupid. But instead of turning Sonic and Tails into dummies, the BEAN device turns them into three year old babies! And Sonic is a pretty smart baby. When Robotnik tries to reverse the device to make himself smarter, he is turned into a baby.

Sonic The Matchmaker

S1 E28
Oct 13, 1993
Sonic plays Cyrano to bring Robotnik Jr. and Breezie together. The problem is, Breezie's crazy about Sonic. So Sonic gets out of the way, but when he does, Junior is captured by Robotnik, and Breezie comes to the rescue, finally falling for him.

Attack on Pinball Fortress

S1 E29
Oct 14, 1993
Robotnik invents a giant AMNESIA RAY in his booby-trapped PINBALL FORTRESS (based on the Sonic game per Roger Hector) in order to erase the bad memories the Mobius citizens have of him, and make them think he's a great guy. Sonic teams up with Sgt. Dobermann, and Wes Weasley (who sold Robotnik the booby-traps in Pinball Fortress) to destroy the ray.

The Last Resort

S1 E30
Oct 15, 1993
Robotnik pretends to retire, and lures Sonic and Tails into a phony vacation resort, laden with booby-traps set by Scratch and Grounder. But Sonic takes the bungee jumping, hang gliding, and skydiving in stride, and gives the bashes the bots.

The Coachnik

S1 E31
Oct 18, 1993
Robotnik invents a robot coach -- the "Coachnik", to put S and G through a "Training Camp" to improve their skills. Then Coachnik puts a bomb in Grounder's head as a booby trap for Sonic, and a football game ensues with Grounder's head as the ball.

Sonic Gets Thrashed

S1 E32
Oct 19, 1993
Sonic joins up with a group of Dr. Robotnik's rejects who have been banished to the dump and helps them understand that their shortcomings were really their strenghs.

Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind

S1 E33
Oct 20, 1993
Sonic and Tails befriend a pair of aliens who crash land their spaceship on Mobius. Sonic has to avoid Robotnik's ULTRA-GRAVITIZER (sort of a hedgehog flypaper) to help fix their ship and blast-off back home.

Tails Prevails

S1 E34
Oct 21, 1993
When Tails invents a Hover-Hanglider for Sonic's birthday, Sonic suggests he assist Prof. Von Schlemmer with his new Robotnik-Nabber machine. Robotnik hears about this, and poses as Von Schlemmer to trick Tails into inventing a Sonic-Nabber instead. Sonic must use the Hover-Hanglider to rescue Tails and the Prof. , and destroy the Sonic-Nabber.

Robotnik, Jr.

S1 E35
Oct 22, 1993
Robotnik plans to block out the sun and extinguish all life and nature on the planet Mobius. Then he creates a robot son and tries to train him in the ways of wickedness. But when Robotnik Jr. meets Sonic, he becomes a naturalist and teams up with Sonic to thwart Robotnik's evil scheme.

The Magic Hassle

S1 E36
Oct 25, 1993
When Wes Weasley returns to the Fortress, Coconuts tricks Robotnik into signing an IOU so he can buy thousands of Mobiums worth of magic tricks to use on Sonic. In the end, Sonic goes free, and Robotnik is forced to pay Wes the massive IOU debt.

Black Bot the Pirate

S1 E37
Oct 26, 1993
First in a four-part Time Travel series. Robotnik invents a time machine to go back in time and gather four powerful gemstones. His first attempt is on the high seas, but Sonic goes into hyper-Sonic-overdrive, and reverses time to go after him. Robotnik finds the gem stone in a buried treasure, but loses it again and is forced back to the future by Sonic.

Hedgehog of the Hound

S1 E38
Oct 27, 1993
Part two in the four part series. Robotnik goes back to medieval times, and enlists the help of Merlink the Magician to get his magical gemstone. But first he must defeat Sonic (in blue armor) in a jousting tourney. Sonic is victorious, and is knighted by King Arfer (a dog) before he forces Robotnik into the future again.

Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme

S1 E39
Oct 28, 1993
Part three in the four part series. Robotnik timetravels back to Mobigypt, makes himself a pharoah, and enslaves everbody in an effort to find the gemstone of immortality. Sonic and Tails follow after him, and have to chariot race him, then search "Indiana Jones-Style" in a pyramid for the gem, before sending Robotnik back home.

Prehistoric Sonic

S1 E40
Oct 29, 1993
Number four in the four part series. Robotnik learns that the most powerful gemstone -- able to create life itself -- is located in Prehistoric Times. So off he goes again, followed by Sonic and Tails. When he arrives, Robotnik turns dinosaurs into robosaurs, and Sonic has to lead the Cave dwellers in a "football team" defense of the gemstone located at the top of a volcano.

Untouchable Sonic

S1 E41
Nov 1, 1993
Sonic and Tails help out an Owl/Chilidog Diner owner, named Bert Whoo, when Robotnik uses his henchbots to try to collect protection money. When the henchbots prove to be no match for Sonic, Robotnik intervenes himself, but in the end, he wears the "concrete overshoes. "

Sonic Breakout

S1 E42
Nov 2, 1993
In order to free Sketch Lampoon (a satirical comic book artist) from Robotnik's new high security prison, Sonic allows himself to be captured, then makes a high speed rescue and escape.

Sonically Ever After

S1 E43
Nov 3, 1993
Scratch and Grounder fiddle with Robotnik's Warpinating Warpifier and send Sonic and Tails into the world of a Mobius Fairy Tales book. Robotnik goes in after them and disguises himself as a Witch in a "Hansel and Gretel" episode etc. , in his attempt to catch them.

Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops

S1 E44
Nov 4, 1993
Sonic turns detective to solve the mystery of his missing Red Sneakers--and just in time to get them back and stop Dr. Robotnik's latest attack on a peaceful Mobius village.

Super Robotnik

S1 E45
Nov 5, 1993
Coconuts inadvertantly creates a "super power" formula, when his janitor bucket spills in the lab. Robotnik falls into it and becomes "Super Robotnik", then challenges Sonic to a fight, with all of Mobius as the stakes. With Prof. Von Schlemmer's help, Sonic gives Robotnik the antidote, and kicks his butt in the bout.

Mass Transit Trouble

S1 E46
Nov 8, 1993
Robotnik decides to cripple Mobius' three major transit systems: Rail, Air, and Sea in order to fully gain control of the planet. Sonic has to circumnavigate the planet in order to save the day.

Spaceman Sonic

S1 E47
Nov 9, 1993
When S and G rocket to outerspace to mine a radioactive mineral from asteroids, Sonic and Tails stow away. Through a blunder by the robots, all are stranded in space, and Robotnik tries to blow all of them out of the stars. Sonic builds a rocket out of S and G's spare parts, and all return to Mobius.


S1 E48
Nov 10, 1993
Robotnik captures a Kangaroo named MacHopper, and uses his "brain-wipe-reprogramming-computer" to transform him into a resourceful demolitions expert (Ala MacGiver). But Mac escapes before Robotnik installs the final "Get Sonic" program, and teams up with Sonic and Tails to BLAST Robotnik.

Babysitter Jitters

S1 E49
Nov 11, 1993
When Sonic rescues a village from a flash flood, he's left with the job of babysitting three baby Groundhogs -- who turn out to be wilder than Larry, Moe and Curly. S and G kidnap the groundhogs, but are happy to return them after the babies wreak havoc on them too.

Full Tilt Tails

S1 E50
Nov 12, 1993
Robotnik invents an electron altering generator which makes Scratch and Grounder twice as fast as Sonic. When they lose it and Tails picks it up, Tails speeds through the Mobius countryside leaving disasters and accidents in his wake. Seeing this, Robotnik convinces the villagers that the little fox belongs in jail, and Tails is forced to flee.

Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted

S1 E51
Nov 15, 1993
Throbbin Screech brings a TV crew to interview Robotnik for "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted". Robotnik rampages through the Mobius countryside proving how sick and twisted he is, and Sonic is kept busy doing rescues. Tails decides to take on Robotnik himself, but is captured.