Season 1

Episode Guide

A Visit to the Hospital // Paddington Takes to the Road // The Last Dance

S1 E1
Sep 04, 1997
Paddington goes to the hospital // Taking part in the Tour de France. // The local charity ball is marked by a most unusual dance team.

Paddington Goes Underground // Paddington In the Ring // Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam

S1 E2
Sep 11, 1997
Paddington's first subway ride. // Paddington visits a rikishi, Japan. // Mr. Curry takes advantage of Paddington's good nature.

A Visit to the Bank // A Spot of Fishing // Bear's Job Week

S1 E3
Sep 18, 1997
Paddington captures a bank robber. // Paddington, Mr. Gruber and Admiral Gurndy find themselves stranded. // Paddington learns a wonderful tradition

Paddington and the Stately Home // The Opal of My Eye // Too Much Off the Top

S1 E4
Sep 25, 1997
Paddington makes Beef Wellington // Paddington and Mr. Gruber travel to Coober Pedy, Australia // Paddington gets a job

Adventure at the Seaside // Paddington and the Pyramid Selling // The Finishing Touch

S1 E5
Oct 02, 1997
A seaside excursion turns into an adventure // Paddington to "purchases" a pyramid. // Paddington goes shopping at "Adrian Crisp - Garden Ornaments"

Paddington Turns Detective // Seeing Is Believing // A Visit to the Theatre

S1 E6
Oct 09, 1997
Vegetables disappears from the garden // Paddington poses as a leprechaun // Paddingotn visits the theatre

Paddington at the Wheel // Howdy Paddington // Paddington Goes Shopping

S1 E7
Oct 16, 1997
Paddington's first driving test. // A heard of Steers go missing // Paddington turns a window display topsy-turvy

Paddington Gets a Raise // Bonhomme Paddington // Everything Comes to Those Who Wait

S1 E8
Oct 23, 1997
It's Mr. Brown's birthday // Paddington at Quebec Winter Carnival // Paddington goes out caroling

Paddington Hits Out // Ranger Paddington // Paddington's Puzzle

S1 E9
Oct 30, 1997
Mr. Curry enters a golf competition // On safari in Africa // Paddington tries his paw at carpentry

Paddington Cleans Up // Riding High // Paddington Dines Out

S1 E10
Nov 06, 1997
Paddington-a vacuum cleaner salesman. // Betting Star to win the Kentucky Derby // It's Paddington's summer birthday

Paddington Keeps Fit // Paddington Goes to Washington // Trouble at the Launderette

S1 E11
Nov 13, 1997
Mr. Curry tries out exercise equipment. // Paddington goes to Capitol Hill. // Paddington does laundry.

The Case of the Doubtful Dummy // The Greatest Paddington on Earth // Paddington Goes to Court

S1 E12
Nov 20, 1997
Paddington spies a kidnapping. // Paddington is a helpful bear... even when he doesn't know he's helping. // Paddington visits the Law Courts.

The Treasure Hunt // Paddington Goes to Hollywood // Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour

S1 E13
Nov 27, 1997
Paddington digs for buried treasure. // Paddington plays The Claw in a big movie. // Mr. Gruber and Paddington embark on a mystery tour.