Season 1

Episode Guide

A Visit to the Hospital // Paddington Takes to the Road // The Last Dance

S1 E1
Sep 04, 1997
Paddington goes to the hospital to visit Mr. Curry and ends up visiting a psychiatrist instead. // On their trip to France Mr. Gruber tells Paddington that they are going to take part in the Tour de France. // The local charity ball is marked by a most unusual dance team rhumba-ing their way to first prize glory in the dance competition.

Paddington Goes Underground // Paddington In the Ring // Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam

S1 E2
Sep 11, 1997
Paddington experiences problems with a tricky escalator, an inspector, and a group of dos sniffing after the leftover breakfast bacon in his suitcase.// While in Japan, Paddington visits a rikishi - a training school for novice sumos. // Mr. Curry takes advantage of Paddington's good nature and finalges himself an invitation to try out Mr. Brown's new sauna.

A Visit to the Bank // A Spot of Fishing // Bear's Job Week

S1 E3
Sep 18, 1997
Fearing his money was stolen when his bank is robbed, Paddington goes to take out his savings and he gets a nasty surprise. // An afternoon fishing trip to a nearby island takes a comical turn when Paddington, Mr. Gruber and Admiral Gurndy find themselves... // Paddington learns of a wonderful tradition: a week of doing tasks for people and getting paid.

Paddington and the Stately Home // The Opal of My Eye // Too Much Off the Top

S1 E4
Sep 25, 1997
During his visit to a stately home, Paddington helps out in the kitchen by making Beef Wellington - with his Wellington boots! // Paddington and Mr. Gruber travel to Coober Pedy, Australia, the opal mining capital of the world. // Paddington gets a job as an assistant at a barber shop.

Adventure at the Seaside // Paddington and the Pyramid Selling // The Finishing Touch

S1 E5
Oct 02, 1997
A seaside excursion turns into an adventure on the high seas when Paddington finds himself adrift in his sand bucket. // The streets of Cairo are the setting for a con that leads Paddington to "purchase" a pyramid. // In his attempt to find the perfect "finishing touch" for Mr. Gruber's newly-built patio, Paddington goes shopping at "Adrian Crisp - Garden Ornaments".

Paddington Turns Detective // Seeing Is Believing // A Visit to the Theatre

S1 E6
Oct 09, 1997
When Mr. Brown's prized vegetable disappears from the garden, Paddington turns detective to investigate the matter. // To re-kindle a young Irish girl's imagination, Paddington poses as a leprechaun, and with Mr. Gruber's help, soon no one knows what is real or not. Especially Paddington and the young girl who can't deny that seeing is believing. // Paddingotn's first visit to the theatre is marked by a marmalade mishap and a near-row over some opera glasses.

Paddington at the Wheel // Howdy Paddington // Paddington Goes Shopping

S1 E7
Oct 16, 1997
Due to a case of mistaken identity, Paddington is behind the wheel for his first driving test. // The (not so) wild west is the setting for Mr. Gruber to live out his boyhood dream of being a cowboy, and that dream is a success thanks to cowbear Paddington's special way with steers. // During a simple shopping expedition, Paddington inadvertenly turns a window display topsy-turvy - to the delight of passing shop...

Paddington Gets a Raise // Bonhomme Paddington // Everything Comes to Those Who Wait

S1 E8
Oct 23, 1997
It's Mr. Brown's birthday and, in his attempt to raise enough money to send him a telegram, Paddington takes a job as a model for a painting class. // At the Quebec Winter Carnival, Paddington becomes great friends with the Bonhomme Carnival who encourages the young bear to put his paws to good use and participate in the festivities.

Paddington Hits Out // Ranger Paddington // Paddington's Puzzle

S1 E9
Oct 30, 1997
Mr. Curry enters a golf competition with Paddington as his caddie. // While on safari in Africa, Paddington sets out to protect his breakfast eggs from poachers, and because of his efforts, Mr. Gruber and the park ranger are captured by real poachers. // Paddington tries his paw at carpentry and comes up with a most novel project: a jigsaw puzzle.

Paddington Cleans Up // Riding High // Paddington Dines Out

S1 E10
Nov 06, 1997
Paddington is taken in by a confidence man and suddenly finds himself embarking on a new career - as a vacuum cleaner salesman. // Mr. Gruber's friend has high hopes his hose, Betting Star, will win the Kentucky Derby, and though no one would admit it at first, it's a lucky thing Paddington injures the hose's jockey. // It's Paddington's summer birthday and the Browns and Mr. Gruber celebrate by taking our little hero to an expensive restaurant.

Paddington Keeps Fit // Paddington Goes to Washington // Trouble at the Launderette

S1 E11
Nov 13, 1997
When Paddington invests in a Grant Stalwart's World Famous Home Body-Building Outfit, Mr. Curry decides to have a go at the equipment - with disastrous results. // Capitol Hill is a big place but one where a young bear has a voice. // Paddington packs the Browne's laundry into his wheelbarrow and wheels everything over to the laundromat where he proceeds to do the wash, shrink Mr. Curry's sweater, and turn the laundromat into a chaotic, soapy mess.

The Case of the Doubtful Dummy // The Greatest Paddington on Earth // Paddington Goes to Court

S1 E12
Nov 20, 1997
One foggy evening, Paddington spies a kidnapping: a bearded man creeps up behind a woman, throws a white sheet over her, and carries her off. // As everyone knows, Paddington is a helpful bear... even when he doesn't know he's helping. // Mr. Gruber brings Paddington to visit the Law Courts. But they get there only to realize that the visitor's gallery is locked.

The Treasure Hunt // Paddington Goes to Hollywood // Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour

S1 E13
Nov 27, 1997
Paddington decides to dig for buried treasure with his trusty magic probe metal detector. // Anything can happen in Hollywood, and it usually does when the difference between what's real and what's not isn't so clear for a young bear, especially one who gets to play The Claw in a big movie. // Mr. Gruber and Paddington embark on a mystery tour which takes them to a waxworks museum.