Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Flesh

S1 E1
Nov 18, 2001
The Flesh can't seem to do anything right and it's bringing the rest of the league down. Can they work together to make things better?


S1 E2
Dec 2, 2001
Meltman uses a secret formula to become "Meltman at Large" and rescues two tykes from certain danger.

Thunder Girl

S1 E3
Dec 9, 2001
Lightning, a rival supergirl, threatens Thundergirl's role when she is inducted into the Action League and diverts all the male attention to herself.

Stinky Diver

S1 E4
Dec 16, 2001
Stinky Diver's King Fu instructor Master Pu helps him fight his old arch enemy, the Red Ninja.

The Chief

S1 E5
Dec 23, 2001
The Mayor and the Chief accidentally get their faces swapped, and the league can't tell the difference between the two.

Monster Mashed

S1 E6
Dec 30, 2002
A vengeful Mummy attacks the squad when his magic opal is stolen by the Mayor who winds up selling it on the Home Shopping Network.

Action League Goes to the Movies

S1 E7
Jan 6, 2002
The League is sent into space to save the Earth from an asteroid heading it's way. But when they realize they have forgotten the bombs, as the asteroid heads right for them, they must use their collective smarts to figure a way out.

Action League Rocks

S1 E8
Jan 13, 2002
HodgePodge sends subliminal messages over the radio to turn the public against the League. Only the sweet sounds of Lou Rawls can save them from destruction.

Smash Hits

S1 E9
Jan 27, 2002
The League's arch enemy, The Mayor, leaves a trashy trail all around town and only the clan of clumsy heroes can clean up the mess.


S1 E10
Jan 20, 2002
The League is torn limb from limb by their accountant turned arch enemy. Only Hodge Podge's sudden love for Thundergirl can save them from certain doom.

Science Friction

S1 E11
Feb 3, 2002
Bill the Lab Guy invents a cloning machine and winds up accidentally duplicating the League. Will they be able to learn to cooperate with their clones in time to save some extremely breakable fine china from the evil grips of the Mayor?

His Dishonor

S1 E12
Feb 10, 2002
With hopes of peace, the League accepts the Mayor's invitation of a Thanksgiving dinner, and only Stinky Diver can save them from baking into eternity.