Season 2

Episode Guide

Princess Flug's Flowery Adventure/Fuzzliest Dinner

S2 E1
May 25, 2019
Princess Flug gets lost in the laundry and ends up on a wild cross-town adventure. When Chef Jeff needs to leave the hotel, Abby enlists Curly and Bozzly to help her make dinner.

Princess Flug's Pet Slug/Fuzzly Photo Day

S2 E2
Jun 01, 2019
Princess Flug finds a slug and wants it to be her pet. Abby wants to send a picture of her and the Fuzzlies to her Wai Po, but it's impossible to get all the Fuzzlies together for a perfect picture.

Teeny Pelican Terry/Tappin Mo and Bo

S2 E3
Jun 16, 2019
A mama pelican thinks Teeny Terry is a baby bird... and adopts him! Mo and Bo discover tap dancing, but the sound is disturbing everyone in the hotel.

Fairy Tale Fuzzly/Super Secret Passageway

S2 E4
Jun 22, 2019
Harriet Bouffant is stuck in the tower, and Abby and Bozzly must save her! Abby and Bozzly help Otis improve his Hide and Seek skills, and they all wind up stuck in an undiscovered secret passageway!

Grumbles' First Haircut/Fuzzly Ball

S2 E5
Jun 20, 2019
Grumbles needs a haircut, but he's afraid to get one. Abby tries to throw the perfect Ball for Princess Flug.

Fuzzly Camping Trip

S2 E6
Jul 06, 2019
While on a camping trip, Abby and the Fuzzlies meet a brand new Fuzzly: Grumbles!

Snug Loving Chipmunks/Abby's Snug

S2 E7
Sep 14, 2019
Acorn-loving chipmunks take Teeny Terry's snug... while Teeny Terry's still in it! Abby agrees to let Melvin have a sleepover without realizing she'll never sleep with all of his snoring! She tries to find the right place to get some sleep.

Trick or Treat Otis/Bedtime for Peepers

S2 E8
Oct 12, 2019
Otis gets mistaken for a real dog while trick or treating, and Abby and the group need to find him. When Lex and Miranda have a party, Abby volunteers to put the playful Peepers to bed.

Otis on the Go/Abby's Afraid

S2 E9
Nov 02, 2019
Otis borrows Abby's bike and ends up on a wild ride when he can't make it stop. Abby is afraid of the dentist, and the Fuzlies have to help her.

Shape of Grumbles/Wai Po's Wild Day

S2 E10
Nov 09, 2019
Grumbles gets the hiccups, and they make him morph out of control. Abby wants to make a splizzacular day for Wai Po, but Wai Po keeps getting into Fuzzly trouble.

Abby Loses Elvin/The Berry Thief

S2 E11
Nov 30, 2019
Abby tries to kitty-sit Elvin, but the kitten keeps running off and disappearing! Abby has to stop chipmunks from stealing the berries in the garden!

Fuzzlies New Year Dragon/Full Moon Fuzzly

S2 E12
Jan 18, 2020
Abby wants to make the best Chinese New Year's celebration for her Wai Po. Teeny Terry wants to go to the moon to see the Fuzzly in the Moon.

Grumbles Gets Gone/Here an Abby, There an Abby

S2 E13
Feb 15, 2020
While morphed into a couch, Grumbles is accidentally taken away. Abby has to get him back! Abby tries to help everyone in the hotel at once and ends up getting everything all mixed up!