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Season 1

Episode Guide

"Race-norming" & the NFL

S1 E30
Sep 05, 2021
As the NFL season begins, the league continues to face off against thousands of former players in a historic legal battle over long-term health issues, money, and race. Wesley Lowery investigates.

Qanon Casualties

S1 E29
Aug 29, 2021
Six strangers meet with Laurie Segall to discuss how the QAnon beliefs of family and loved ones have destroyed their relationships. Psychiatrist Ziv Cohen and former member of the Moonies Diane Benscoter join in to put QAnon in a psychological and historical perspective.

Jim Crow Juries

S1 E28
Aug 22, 2021
Wesley Lowery reports on so-called "Jim Crow Juries"- a century old Louisiana law designed to make it easier to incarcerate people of color. The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional but there are still hundreds of people behind bars hoping for justice.

When SpaceX Moves Next Door

S1 E27
Aug 15, 2021
As the commercial space race takes off, regulators are struggling to keep up. A 60 Minutes+ investigation reveals how in one small Texas town, SpaceX at times flew right by FAA, environmentalist, and local residents.

Benzos: Young America Hooked

S1 E26
Aug 08, 2021
In 2020, 91 million prescriptions were written for anti-anxiety drugs known as benzos. These drugs can be addictive and withdrawing from them can be grueling. 60 Minutes+ investigates how Xanax upended the lives of three young Americans.


S1 E25
Aug 01, 2021
Smokejumpers are an elite group of federal firefighters who skydive from planes. Despite their critical role, open positions are going unfilled. Enrique Acevedo met a few of them and their families to find out why.

Camille Cottin At Cannes

S1 E24
Jul 25, 2021
60 Minutes+ sits down with rising star Camille Cottin at Cannes to discuss her career highlights and upcoming movie Stillwater with Matt Damon and Oscar-winning director Tom McCarthy.

Left Behind in Afghanistan

S1 E23
Jul 18, 2021
As remaining American military leave Afghanistan, local translators who worked alongside U.S troops fear being left behind and targeted by the Taliban. President Biden promised to have all Afghan allies moved to a third party country by the end of August, but is that too late? Enrique Acevedo reports.

Hazleton, PA: A Microcosm of America

S1 E22
Jul 11, 2021
60 Minutes+ Correspondent Enrique Acevedo talks to the people of Hazleton, PA who have lived through the exponential expansion of the city's Hispanic population boom. Acevedo also visits the city's former mayor, whose immigration policies threatened that growth.

The Future Of Food

S1 E21
Jul 04, 2021
In 2050, what will we be eating, and how? 60 Minutes+ travels to the Netherlands, where Dutch scientists and farmers are driving innovation on the farm and in the laboratory. Drones, robots and insects will all play a role in the food of the future.

The Power of Diplomacy

S1 E20
Jun 27, 2021
Enrique Acevedo joins Samantha Power in Central America on her first trip abroad as the new head of USAID. Power says she is looking to address challenges like immigration, covid, and climate change while attempting to restore American credibility abroad.

Trans Kids Fight for Healthcare Rights

S1 E19
Jun 20, 2021
Fifteen-year-old Dylan Brandt is suing the state of Arkansas for passing a law that would make it illegal for doctors to administer gender affirming healthcare to trans youth like him. Advocates call the law unconstitutional. 60 Minutes+ investigates.

NFTs & the Metaverse Part 2: A New World

S1 E18
Jun 13, 2021
If Web 1.0 brought us the Internet, and Web 2.0 saw us all connecting on social media, what will Web 3.0 bring? In this episode, Laurie Segall explores the future of the internet, also called the metaverse, which will bridge the web with emerging technologies like NFTs and augmented reality.

NFTs & the Metaverse Part 1: Beeple

S1 E17
Jun 06, 2021
Digital artist Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, made history when he sold an NFT-backed artwork for $69 million. He invites 60 Minutes+ inside his home and studio to talk about his artistic process, get a look at his spring collection, and discuss the future of NFT technology.

Diego Schwartzman the Giant Slayer

S1 E16
May 30, 2021
Diego Schwartzman is one of the few people to beat 20-time Grand Slam Title Winner Rafael Nadal on a clay court. 60 Minutes+ sits down with the 5'7" tennis pro to hear how he's able to compete with players over half a foot taller than he is, and what it means to break into the top ten.

Land of Fire and Ice

S1 E15
May 23, 2021
60 Minutes+ travels to Iceland where Seth Doane shows us the country's red hot tourist attraction: one of the youngest volcanic eruptions in the world. See why the Volcanologists and tourists are trekking to see the latest addition to Reykjavik's skyline.

Ancient Rome's Underwater City

S1 E13
May 09, 2021
The Roman resort town of Baia, sometimes called the Las Vegas of the ancient world, sank more than a thousand years ago. 60 Minutes+ dives with underwater archaeologists who are working to piece together and preserve the remnants.

Reclaiming Bruce's Beach

S1 E12
May 02, 2021
60 Minutes+ visits Southern California where a black family may soon reclaim oceanfront property known as Bruce's Beach, taken from them a century ago, now worth millions. Wesley Lowery reports on how the effort to return the land may have broader implications across the country.

Crisis: Race, Politics, & Water

S1 E11
Apr 25, 2021
Wesley Lowery reports from Jackson, Mississippi about its catastrophic water crisis earlier this year, which left many black residents without water for weeks. Lowery speaks to the those affected by the crisis and examines the additional dynamics at play -- the role of race, money and politics.

Mafia Hunters

S1 E10
Apr 18, 2021
60 Minutes+ gets a rare inside look at Italy's most powerful mafia, the 'Ndrangheta, which controls much of Europe's cocaine trade. Seth Doane travels to the Italian region the mafia calls home and sits down with the prosecutor overseeing one of the largest organized crime trials in history.

The Migrant Hotel

S1 E9
Apr 11, 2021
60 Minutes+ reports on the historic influx of migrants on the border. Enrique Acevedo travels to a hotel in Piedras Negras, Mexico that used to attract the wealthy and elite, but is now a refuge for those trying to escape poverty, violence, and corruption.

Asian Americans Under Attack

S1 E8
Apr 04, 2021
Why hasn't the shooting of 6 Asian women in Georgia been classified as a hate crime? The answer is complicated, even as reports of Anti-Asian violence rise nationwide. Wesley Lowery visits one of America's largest Asian communities to hear from law enforcement, activists, and the victims.

Crime and Punishment

S1 E7
Mar 28, 2021
San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is among a wave of newly-elected progressive prosecutors trying to turn protests into policy. But as Wesley Lowery reports, the city has seen an uptick in homicides, arson, auto thefts, and burglaries. And some residents and police blame Boudin.

Taking Facebook To Court

S1 E6
Mar 21, 2021
An estimated 100,000 minors in the U.S. are sex trafficked each year, and many meet their attackers online. Laurie Segall speaks to a woman victimized as a teen who says Facebook is to blame. Her case may reach the Supreme Court, but she speaks to 60 Minutes+ first.

The Parallel Pandemic

S1 E5
Mar 14, 2021
Doctors and nurses across America are in what's being called a Parallel Pandemic - a mental health crisis after a year of treating Covid19 patients. Wesley Lowery reports from a hospital in Georgia grappling with its deadliest wave of COVID cases.

White Supremacy: A Firsthand Account

S1 E4
Mar 07, 2021
White Supremacists are the FBI's top concern for violent domestic extremism. 60 Minutes+ investigates a subset of these groups who are recruiting young people into a new vicious ideology. Laurie Segall speaks to a man linked to Atomwaffen Division.

Massive Melt: The World's Glaciers

S1 E3
Mar 03, 2021
Our planet is losing 400 billion tons of glacial ice per year, putting coastlines around the world at risk of flooding and storm surge. 60 Minutes+ travels to the Italian Alps where glaciers are vanishing. Seth Doane explores one community's desperate attempt to slow down the inevitable.

J Balvin: The Prince of Reggaetón

S1 E2
Mar 03, 2021
With hit music streamed by the billions, J Balvin has been called the "Prince of Reggaetón". Enrique Acevedo sat down with Balvin to talk about his early life, paving a new path for Latin artists, and his triumphs and struggles during the pandemic.

QAnon Shaman Speaks from Jail

S1 E1
Mar 03, 2021
Jacob Chansley, the 'QAnon Shaman', speaks in his first interview from jail since the violent Capitol insurrection, as the 'Q' movement faces uncertainty. Laurie Segall speaks to Chansley's mother, who insists her son is a patriot, not a criminal.