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When Bob and the team are building an extension to the offices of Mr Adams the local architect, Bob hears of a competition to build a brand new town in nearby Sunflower Valley, a place Bob knows very well from his childhood. Mr Adams shows Bob his idea. There are to be night clubs, restaurants, tower blocks - it's going to be big and glitzy and noisy. The machines ask Bob what Sunflower Valley is like now and Bob shows them by projecting some old home movies on to the workshop door. Its a beautiful place bursting with lovely sunflowers. Bob explains that the Sunflowers will probably have to be dug up to make way for the new city. That night Bob has a nightmare about Sunflower Valley becoming over-run by skyscrapers, noise and pollution. He wakes up, deciding there and that he must enter the competition and save Sunflower Valley! The next day, Bob quickly pegs out the foundations of Mr Adams' extension and heads off to swot up on designing buildings. Seeing a birds nest, Bob decides to take his inspiration from nature design buildings that blend in to the environment and that can be built using recycled materials. Next, Bob sets about building the model for his competition entry. Mr Bentley appears on a new machine - called Scrambler a streetwise off-road machine, who is to be part of the prize for the competition winner. Mr Bentley informs Bob that the judging is the next day and that he'll need to write a speech explaining his plan too! A disaster is averted at Mr Adams' extension and gives Bob his first chance to demonstrate some new building ideas for Sunflower Valley - Reduce, reuse, recycle! With the problem solved, Bob gets back to his model town. Until, that is, a power cut intervenes. With no electricity, Bob finds himself using natural power sources - just like he's planning for Sunflower Valley. The day of the judging comes and Bob appears in the nick of time with his model town. After much deliberation, the mayor announces the winner... Bob the Builder! The Mayor presents the delighted Bob with Scrambler. Bob is gobsmacked to learn that he and the machine team are to build the new town themselves! Bob and Wendy decide that Bob will go ahead to Sunflower Valley until someone can be found to run the old yard. With a great fanfare, Bob and his machines leave Bobsville for the breathtakingly beautiful Sunflower Valley. Surrounded by the vast emptiness of it all, they cry "Can we build it? Yes we caaaaaaaaaan!
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