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There's two million bucks in a suitcase on a desk in an apartment in Chicago. Caesar's (Joe Pantoliano) a guy who launders money for the mob. Violet's (Jennifer Tilly) the woman he's been keeping the past five years. Corky's (Gina Gershon) an ex-con who just got out of the joint. What's the last thing that would come between a sleazy wise guy like Caesar and that money? A couple of women with brains to die for and bodies to match. Corky and Violet are about to learn what it's like when you trust someone with your life. And Caesar? He's about to learn a little something about women. The thing is that women bond. In a way that no man can possibly understand. It's ancient mythic, powerful and unspoken. For Caesar, it's all about one thing: two million bucks. For Corky and Violet, it's about something else entirely. And in the end, it all comes down to the question: Who do you trust?
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